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How SRK OTT App will Compete with Zee Plus and Netflix?

Just recently, the Bollywood celebrity Shahrukh Khan teased the launch of his new Over The Top platform named SRK+. However, he didn’t fully disclose that the SRK OTT app was going to be a streaming service. Khan had been hinting about the debut of the platform for over a year. Recently, Bhai Jan of Bollywood, Salman Khan revealed what King Khan had been up to with his latest venture.

As far as the newest venture of Khan is concerned, it is fresh and yet has to become globally popular before it can witness a huge number of viewers. In the sea of streaming platforms like Netflix, Zee5, HBO max, and so many others, the real question is how SRK+ will compete with other giants.

Celebrities Talking About SRK OTT App

Celebrities and fans are talking about the SRK OTT app on social media. Salman Khan broke the suspense about the upcoming streaming platform. He responded on SRK’s social media post captioning ‘something about to happen in the OTT world. Salman khan posted “Aaj Ki Party Teri Taraf Se” (The party is on you). He congratulated Shahrukh on launching the SRK+ app.  

The film director, Anurag Kashyap also revealed that he is collaborating with Shahrukh Khan in Launching and operating the new OTT application.  

The filmmaker Karan Johar also congratulated Khan with an enthusiastic social media post. He said that the imminent app will change the face of OTT.

Shahrukh Khan also famous as the King Khan of Bollywood is not new to the business world. He already owns some cricket teams in the famous cricket leagues. The Don star has a net worth of millions of dollars and knows much about the Knitty gritty of the world of entertainment. Hence stepping into the world of streaming services might not be a difficult task for him.

Competition with Other OTT Platforms

It isn’t sure how Khan will operate the SRK OTT app and make it a successful one while having tough competition in the OTT world. Assumptions say that only Indian series will be released and run on the app. But there are already multiple streaming platforms that have countless subscribers. Zee 5 is an Indian OTT site that is famous for bold content. Other competitors including Disney+, Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and many others are globally watched platforms that present exclusive and unique series and movies. SRK OTT platform is yet a mystery in terms of what sort of TV shows and films will be entertaining viewers. Moreover, Khan hasn’t revealed anything further about SRK+. 

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