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Neuralink to Connect Human Brains With Computers

Elon Musk never runs out of surprises. In his latest endeavor Neuralink, he is linking the human brain with computer interface using micron-sized devices.

The idea is to help the people with different types of brain injuries. The technology is expected to become ready by four years.

The Concept Behind Neuralink

Here is how Elon Musk explained the concept behind Neuralink.

“If I were to communicate a concept to you, you would essentially engage in consensual telepathy.”

Musk said that the advancement of machine learning and artificial intelligence would create such powerful computers that humans will require neural laces to keep up with their pace.

He gave a hint to the concepts in his mind about the future of Neuralink and related technologies.

“There are a bunch of concepts in your head that then your brain has to try to compress into this incredibly low data rate called speech or typing. If you have two brain interfaces, you could do an uncompressed direct conceptual communication with another person.”

The scientist-cum-entrepreneur explained that the technology requires 8 to 10 years of time before it is usable for persons with no disabilities. He factored in the regulatory approval time and performance of the device with the disable people.

The underlying idea is to let the human brains function at speeds of the computers. Elon Musk is trying to integrate Artificial Intelligence into human consciousness. Neuralink wants to facilitate the human’s use of the AI as a further assistance.

Success of Neuralink Will Take Time

If this technology becomes successful, it will make it possible to connect high-bandwidth with the human mind. It will create a cloud-based AI computing in ourselves as if it is a part of our mind and soul. Elon Musk wants the connected computer with the brain to become second nature to our bodies.

The technology needs a lot of research, testing, and making the brain and AI work together. It will take a considerable amount of time before someone with a disability can benefit from this technology.

At this time Neuralink wants to create therapeutic applications of its technology. Elon Musk has always tried to solve existentialist threats to the human race. The mission to Mars is one such ambitious project which exhibits the kind of goals set Elon Musk.

Elon Musk has confirmed that he will become CEO of his new venture Neuralink. The past ventures by him have proved time and again that he wants to go after those kinds of projects only few dare to undertake.

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