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New Superman Kisses a Guy to Break Stereotypical Superhero Sexuality

Many Hollywood films, Comics, and even novels are created to convey a specific message to the audience. Similarly, viewers and readers most of the time, learn from the characters as well, gather the inspiration they need from them, adopt the traits and try to be like their heroes. Some films and shows often become an anchor to revolutionary acts as they portray something out of the box or in other words, contradictory to the social norms. Keeping the notion in view, the new superman also seems to be a character trying to break the stereotypes of society. The hero kisses another guy in the comics which is quite out of the ordinary. The reason is that superman is a symbol of strength and power. Also, the public never pictured the man of steel as a bisexual entity. Thus, this special change might carry deep meaning and a message for society.               

DC Comics Reveals Interesting Fact About New Superman

DC comics have a unique way of introducing and reputing the characters. The evidence to such a claim is the characters’ abilities and special personality traits. Like Clark Kent, the man of steel was a humble hero who fell deeply in love with the beautiful reporter and also saved the planet from evil. Now the DC revealed that the new superman, Jon, who happens to be Clark’s son is taking over the job and carrying his legacy of saving the world. Although, keeping the planet safe is not the only part of Clark’s inheritance. His son falls in love with a reporter too. Only this time, the world’s most powerful hero is taking interest in the same gender. On Monday, DC comics revealed the bisexuality of the superhero and mentioned that the protagonist will have a romantic relationship with his male acquaintance. Also, Jay, the supposed lover of Kent takes care of Junior man of steel after he gets burned while saving the day. At that moment, the devastated hero finds himself under the care of his partner.

Is DC Comics Trying to Mold the Social Norms?

Superman has always symbolized hope, truth, and justice for the deprived ones. Now the DC revealed that the new superman stands for something else too. His bisexuality raises curiosity as it was the least expected innovation in the comics. The gender preference in terms of love and romantic connection with Kent’s partner gives hope to those who don’t conform with gender binaries and hence face marginalization.

Seems like the era of suppressed ones who can’t express their gender preferences is about to change. Also, it is quite evident that DC comics announced the bisexuality of its main character on the National coming out day, as the US president, Joe Biden also stated that he is keen and administered to fight for the rights of the LGBT community. Seemingly, the entertainment world is stepping into innovation in its unique way to offer recognition and acceptance of homosexual people in society. Besides, the trait doesn’t only portray the existence and rights of LGBT but also aspires to work on the ethnic values along with women empowerment in every culture.

Furthermore, some fans expressed their positive thinking regarding the character’s new colors on social media. Anthony Rapp, the actor said that it made him happy as this will have a good impact on the youngsters who are afraid to come out of the closet just because of social pressure.

Other Movies Supporting the Unsupported

The new superman might be the first most recognized comic character to speak up for bisexual people. Other than that, there have been multiple movies and shows that highlight social issues and try to convey a positive message. Despite DC’s efforts, other platforms and entertainment studios like marvel have also produced movies and series to challenge the mainstream notions. For instance, Miss Marvel Kamala Khan was the first-ever Muslim superhero, which spread a great message in the favor of Muslims in the world.

Moreover, the dominance of patriarchal norms is also one of the biggest social enigmas that suppress women’s empowerment. Thus, the superhero movie Wonder Women 1984 is a good representation of making women strong in every society and culture.

The point is that the world is probably changing through adapting ways to wipe out the negativity against the marginalized groups. Hollywood and big entertainment industries are also playing a vital role to bring positive changes for the suppressed communities.

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Ahmad Akbar
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