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Here is Why Outriders Game is Gaining Hype After Consoles Free pass

Different gaming platforms’ free-pass service led the gamers towards several highly anticipated games. The Outriders game, among all the free role-playing games (RPG), made its way to the gamers’ hearts. Due to the gaming community’s increased interest in the new videogame, the title has become one of the most played games of 2021 so far. In addition, the talk of the town e-game also faced criticism at first due to certain reasons but its current success rate in terms of popularity reversed the negativity towards it.

What The Outriders Game is All About?

The Outriders game was officially released on April 1, 2021. The game was a project of Square Enix, the creator of some popular games including the Final Fantasy series, Tomb Raider Trilogy, and many more. The new electronic game is an RPG third-person shooting platform in which the players get into the world of outsiders. The gamers get to choose their avatar and can customize their appearance and weapons according to the powers they want in order to fight the enemies. Every character holds a particular ability different than the rest, which makes it special and defines its individuality among other players. Furthermore, at the beginning of the game, the players decide between the four classes, which help them become the best suitable character to begin the venture.

Also, the game is available on multiple gaming platforms including PS5, PS4, STEAM, Xbox series X, Xbox ONE, and STADIA.

What is So Attractive About It?

A diverse range of reasons makes the outriders game an attractive one among RPG lovers. One of the most significant features of the game revolves around its storyline since it has a plot that develops interest among the players. The game isn’t based on any episodic theme but follows a sequential order according to its story.

It is based on a super sci-fi concept in which the gamers not only have guns but special abilities that allow them to fight off dangerous and unpredictable creatures of the outside world. Such specifications of the hyped venture make it one of the most difficult games, which is what many gamers like about a videogame. Besides, the high graphical display of the game makes it a worth time-spending for players.

Other than that, the Outriders game isn’t similar to those games in which players have to wait to get their weapons recharged or reloaded. In Outriders, the characters get three instant chargers without waiting, which is a plus point for gamers while playing a complicated game. Moreover, one of the amazing features of the game includes customization of weapons that allow the players to alter the guns according to their wish. For instance, a player can attach a shotgun to a sniper rifle and use it against the enemies.

Criticism Towards The Master Piece

Aside from all the hype and attraction towards the Outriders game, many gamers thought of it as a divisive one. The reason might be its demo version that was launched before the free pass presented by the consoles.

Before the revelation of consoles including PS5 and PS4 games release dates, the Outriders presented the gaming community with its demo that didn’t have any particular specialties as its complete version offers. The console users didn’t like it much and started criticizing it. They even declared it a terrible game to play on platforms. Several individuals also compared it to some other games like Division 2 and destiny 2 since they found the similarities uncanny. Later, when many played the full version, they claimed that the title was nothing like those games.  

Afterward, the Outriders game gained massive recognition when the platforms initiated a free pass for the gamers. A good number of people downloaded the game and even referred it to fellow gamers. The chain became stronger and people started admiring the features of this new arrival.

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