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How Pakistanis Are Remembering The 1992 World Cup Today

To many, the memory of Pakistan winning the world cup in 1992 is still fresh. They remember it as if it was yesterday. Pakistan team lead by Imran Khan won the 1992 world cup on this very day. For those who were there in the stadium watching their country win against England must have been a treat.

Pakistanis Celebrating 1992 World Cup Victory in 2019

The 1992 world cup is embedded in the hearts and minds of every Millennial Pakistani. They often hear their seniors especially their grandparents and parents speak about how a single sixer made Pakistan into the world champions 

India and Pakistan have always been in a state of undeclared war. Taunts and the desire to beat the other in a humiliating manner is always there in anything they participate in.

For many Pakistanis, one of the most memorable moments was when Pakistani skipper Imran wore a shirt with a tiger printed on it to taunt India. And, it was an entertaining momet of that winning tournament for them.

The International cricket council while remembering how the Pakistani team beat England’s cricket team by 22 runs in the 1992 cricket world cup also reminded the world and humorously asked if Pakistan will win the 2019 world cup

The Pakistani government also took to social media to commemorate this auspicious day while giving tribute to the captain who lead the green shirts to victory

For some 25 march is the best and strangely the saddest day of their lives. The explanation they offer for their statement is even stranger and to some is just plain nonsense

For many, the desire to see Pakistan win another world cup would be a dream come true .Whether this dream will become a reality this year or not can’t is just another universal mystery.

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