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Duke University Professor Accused of Being Racist

A Duke University assistant professor Megan Neely was accused of being a racist by a group of Chinese students. Allegation arose when Megan a member of Duke University’s medical school biostatistics program sent an email to Chinese students discouraging them to speaking in Chinese while in the campus building area.

Why Did Duke University Professor Sent Such Mails

According to media reports Neely, explained her action by saying that that two faculty members came to her and voiced their concern over a group of Chinese students who were speaking Chinese in public premises.

She further said that the faculty member wanted to note their names to be sure if they had been asked to work with them or interviewed them for a scholarship and as they were disappointed in them for not bothering to improve their English to better communicate with others.

The Duke university professor in the email encouraged international students to please speak in English while on campus to avoid any problems of such nature in the future

Administration’s Response to Assistant Professor’s Email

The administration has shown great concern regarding the matter.  Mary Klotman, dean of the medical school which oversees the biostatistics program, wrote to students assuring them that they were looking into the matter and they didn’t tolerate such behavior for itwas against their policy.

The administration respects the culture and right of all its students. They have full right to speak whatever language they want local or foreign the dean stated.

The assistant professor has not commented on this incident publicly for now and has resigned.

The Reaction of The Chinese Student

The Chinese students in a petition signed by 2000  students from and other universities called for the resignation of the assistant professor. The students felt outraged and stated that it was nothing more than naked racism.

A wave of Chinese students took  to social media starting trends against the assistant professor.

Alumnai And Other Students

The resignation saddened alumnae and other students. Many opined that such acts of racism to happen were impossible as the university and staff go to great lengths to prevent arising of a racist environment.

According to media reports, when a student commented that Dr. Megan was a great teacher and there was no doubt that she was not a racist. While another student of Asian descent praised the assistant professor for being the best teacher and not feeling discriminated by her even at the single moment.

The allegations has raised a question as to how much welcoming are American universities to international students. 

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