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How to Reduce Triglycerides Ayurveda for Cholesterol

Yoga is not the only thing to come from ancient Indian culture. The true gem to emerge out of Indian civilization and hindu religion is Ayurveda; a practice of treating illness through natural herbs and organic food. What the modern people research regarding this topic is reduce triglyceride ayurveda. No wonders that folks are using the term, reduce triglycerides ayurveda to find out how this technique can help resolve their problems, particularly when rising cholesterol level in arteries is the major complication they are facing.

What Is Reduce Triglycerides Ayurveda?

The phrase might not be making enough sense for you. In simple words it is all about following Ayurveda to reduce triglycerides or restoring the body health by getting rid of bad cholesterol.

Here it is to be noted that cholesterol is not always a bad thing, its imbalance is bad. Hence, those who want to reduce cholesterol levels in arteries and veins in order to prevent the diseases like high blood pressure or heart attack should go for treatments like Ayurveda.

How Reduce Triglycerides Ayurveda Works?

For non-Indians the word Ayurveda may sound a bit complex but in reality it is not. The process just puts emphasize on  a diet plan that doesn’t have processed sugar, meat, butter or other dairy products. The food shouldn’t also have processed carbs in high quantity.

Using High Fiber food

The benefits of eating high fiber food are no stranger. The technique of reduce triglycerides Ayurveda focuses on the same principle. When it comes to reducing cholesterol levels in blood, high fiber food always comes to play its role.

Ayurveda directs people to consume beans, lentils legumes, green vegetables, apple, guava and other such food items which are rich in the fiber content.

So, the very first step of reducing cholesterol through Ayurveda is to eat the food that actually helps lower the cholesterol levels and doesn’t increase it beyond a level.

Reducing Fat Intake

Folks may think that reduce triglycerides Ayurveda is something that matches the popular Ketos diet. But this is not true. Ketos is all about abandoning carbs from the diet and relying on proteins and fats for meeting the energy requirements of the body. But Ayurveda doesn’t require  leaving the carbs and switching to fats. In fact, it focuses up reducing the fat in diet. So, those who are relying on this technique must get rid of beef, chicken, mutton and butter etc.

Cutting Back the Fructose

Well, Ayurveda is not all about cutting the carbs. In fact, it is more about eating healthy carbs. Hence, there is no capacity of eating fructose or any kind of refined sugar in Ayurveda. Further, one must stop eating pastries, pancakes and other such stuff which has cheese, butter, refined floor and refined sugar. Those unrefined carbs are just another way of adding cholesterol.

Add More Spice in Your Food

While, the idea of giving up unhealthy carbs and fats might not seem that much appealing to the taste buds, there is indeed a way reduce triglyceride Ayurveda can be a delicious way of shedding some pounds and showing bad cholesterol a way out. Yes, Ayurveda also stresses upon need to add more spices in food. For acting upon this principle, it is better to make a blend of different spices and add them in everyday dishes.

Well, those who are already facing the issues of stomachache must remain cautious for using spices.

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