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Riz Ahmed Wins Hearts for Fixing Wife’s Hair on Oscars Red Carpet

Riz Ahmed made The Red Carpet debut with his wife, Fatima Farheen Mirza at Oscars 2021 after getting nominated in the Best Actor category. Even though he didn’t win the award, he most likely won the hearts of millions of movie fans around the world. The actor went viral for sharing an intimate moment with his wife at the Oscars. It appeared that Ahmed took a time out during a photoshoot to groom Fatima’s hair. The world felt like he should have deserved some kind of award.

This gentleman-like gesture made the viewers feel so many different emotions all at once. Some said the love between them was exemplary while others wanted the same vibes for their relationships. It is normally because such type of chivalry is rarely seen in the modern world where men are plagued by a gender superiority complex.

Riz Ahmed Makes Women Wish They Were His Wife

Most women in the world have seen the discontent, furious, and grisly face of a man all their life. Riz Ahmed has come like a breath of fresh hair just like those very few men, who are trying to override toxic masculinity. Previously, fans have also appreciated John Cena’s soft attitude under the thick skin when he expressed his love for BTS and their music. Most men usually feel low in respect for serving women but as seen from this story, their insecurity is invalid. Such gestures can only increase the love and respect women have for men.

A Lesson for Husbands

Some fans jokingly criticized their husbands who might not have been as loving and caring as Riz Ahmed seemed in the video. Especially in desi (brown) cultures, men usually abuse the patriarchal power due to which compromise replaces love. As a result, men and women fail to achieve harmony and just go through the relationship without happiness. Therefore, a loving gesture from Riz Ahmed would surely haunt many men who also take their wives for granted.

It’s All in the Eyes

Women have gone head over heels for the lovely way Riz Ahmed was looking at Fatima. It amazed fans that even being on The Red Carpet did not let Ahmed look away from his wife. Fans captured a moment from the video clip where Ahmed’s gaze was fixated on his wife’s glowing face. Women wished that it would be great if other men looked at them with such love.

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