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Shilpa Shetty Finally Bursts at her Husband for Running a Porn Racket

Shilpa Shetty confronted her husband for the first time after his arrest on Friday, June 23 as the Police brought him home. Businessman Raj Kundra is currently in 2-week judicial custody after being arrested for producing and distributing pornographic content. Reportedly, the police came to raid the house as a part of the investigation and questioned Shilpa too for over 6 hours. Initially, they thought that she might also be involved with her husband but did not find any evidence or witness. This was the second time the actress has been interrogated; the first being at the police station.

Shilpa Shetty Suffers Because of Husband

After seeing her husband, Shilpa Shetty reportedly broke down in tears and shouted at her husband asking, what was the need for all this as they had everything already. Kundra reportedly made more than 130,000 USD from selling graphic videos. She mentioned how her family’s reputation has been ruined because of him.

She gave up many projects and even said that all of her and her family’s endorsements have been canceled. She talked about facing more financial losses because of this case.

How is the Investigation Going?

According to the Police, Raj Kundra has been unable to cooperate in the investigation, insisting on his innocence. The defense lawyer has also dismissed the claims of the content being “pornographic”. He maintains that the videos do not show full intercourse so they cannot be considered porn but just erotic. They compared this content to other soft-porn shows on OTT platforms like Amazon and Netflix. According to the defense, they follow the Canadian standard of obscenity which means that if the obscene content served a public good then the individual cannot be persecuted.

Rakhi Sawant has also defended Raj Kundra by saying that it was a free country and he can do anything he wanted. Shilpa Shetty has also previously defended her husband that his content was surely vulgar but not porn. Kundra has challenged his arrest in the High Court. The police have also arrested nine associates along with the businessman. Four of his employees turned against him and testified that Kundra forced them to delete videos from the HotShots app.

How Raj Kundra was Running the Operation?

HotShots is allegedly one of the apps Kundra used to distribute porn videos. The case against him was registered on 4th February 2021 after police arrested four people who were forcing women into shooting porn movies.

These women were promised a role in web series but on the day of the shoot they were forced to expose themselves. If the women resisted, they were told to pay the expenses of the preparations.

According to reports, all of this operation linked back to Kundra who published the videos after they were made and sent to him. Since pornography is illegal in India, he had to make the videos available through mobile apps but then also advertised on social media which made it too mainstream.

The operation rented out bungalows on the outskirts of Mumbai with 5 to 6 staff members on job rotation. They were in charge of hunting subjects making sure that they performed accordingly for the production of video content.

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