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How to Get Rid of A Sinus Infection in 24 Hours

Sinus infection is a common disease around the world. It might not be much chronic unless severe but it can be so irritating to cause restlessness. While there can be so many reasons for infection in sinuses, the allergens and weather changes are the common one. Mainly, it is in the winter season when people are likely to suffer the most from this disease.

What Is A Sinus Infection

Sinuses are two hollow pockets within nasal cavity bones. They secrete the mucous and drain it into the nose.
Any allergens or cold can cause inflammation of nasal cavities, or they can even block the sinuses resulting in the sinus infection. The complications can also cause some tooth or facial pains. The extreme condition where disease can extend to months can lead to sinusitis which can last up to four weeks or even more. The duration of the illness depends upon the causes. If the sinus infection is caused by mere cold, then it can last for two to four weeks, but allergens can aggravate the situation and lead to some serious illness.

Remedies to Cure Sinus Infection

Well, there is a mix of home remedies and medicinal remedies that one can employ to get rid of the sinus infection. The most common among these is taking steam which helps in opening up the clogged sinuses and soothes the pain. The steam remedy suits best in the winter season when people catch such infection due to cold. But, it doesn’t work well when the underlying cause is getting exposure to allergens.

Avoiding Dehydration

Well, dehydration is one reason that can worsen the sinus infection as it keeps the sinuses dry. Those suffering from the disease must stay away from alcoholic beverages and caffeinated drinks as they can cause dehydration. So, one must drink enough water so that sinuses stay moist and don’t dry up. Again, avoiding dehydration is useful only when infection is due to dryness. In case, it is as a result of some other disease or a reaction from allergens then patients must resort to some medicinal remedies.

Eat Spicy Food

Here is a new and relatively entertaining remedy to get rid of sinus infection. It is good news for those who want to eat spicy food as it can help keep the sinuses moist and prevent dryness. So, if you are suffering from any such infection then spice up your diet a bit more, it will be not only tasty but also healthy.

Use Some Medicins

Most of the home remedies work to end the infection in sinuses. But, they are not always helpful, particularly in being effective within 24 hours. So, here one must use some medicines. The medicines don’t always mean anti-biotics. One must prevent their use as much as possible. One such drug which can help sooth the infection earlier is bromelain which is a protein obtained from the pineapple.

Keep Nasal Cavity Moist

Use warm compresses to help prevent dryness in the nasal cavity. In this way, sinuses remain moist, and they don’t get clogged up. Instead of warm compresses, you can also go for taking in steam and keeping the sinuses moist enough.
While there are a couple of home remedies to get rid of the sinus infection, one must make sure to take sufficient precautionary measures. These include making your home allergen free and taking enough care not to catch a cold.

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