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What Is Situation in Pakistan After General Elections 2018 Results

General Elections 2018 in Pakistan have finally been held. Election Commission of Pakistan is yet to announce the official and final results of the polls. According to unofficial results which are not last, PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is leading with the most number of national assembly seats. Therefore, the party is in a position to form the next government that could be a coalition. Well, the General Elections 2018 results are not free from controversy as parties at the losing end are not accepting them.

Post- General Elections 2018 Results Situation in Pakistan

There ran a wave of happiness among PTI workers and candidates soon after the media started telecasting unofficial results of various constituencies. Party’s supporters expressed their sentiments by congratulating the chairman Imran Khan on achieving ‘Naya Pakistan’ (New Pakistan) a slogan he has been raising since his campaign for 2013 elections.

Elections that Witnessed Major Upsets

Happy PTI Fans

Imran Khan is famous among Pakistanis and even non-Pakistanis for his charismatic personality and good looks. Many of his fans are saying that now the country will finally have a cool and good looking Prime Minister who can even leave behind Justin Trudeau.

And there were PTI supporters who lamented the fact that they had to vote for few not so likable candidates only because they were contesting on a PTI seat. One such example is the TV anchor Amir Liaquat whom, people voted out of compulsion.

Imran Khan’s Ex-Wife Jemima Khan also expressed her happiness over win of Imran Khan.

The Allegations of Rigging

Not accepting the elections result is a history in Pakistan. Same happened as after media started telecasting general elections 2018 results. Former ruling party, PML-N which lost the majority of seats didn’t accept the defeat. Party’s leader Mian Shehbaz Sharif held a press conference and told media that PML-N polling agents were made to leave stations. They were not given form 45, and further votes were counted in their absence.

For many people rigging allegations were not new as it was a norm in Pakistan to level such accusations.

According to general elections, 2018 results which are unofficial at this stage PTI is leading, reportedly. So, Imran Khan is most likely to be the next Prime Minister.  Well, it wouldn’t be such easy for next Prime Minister of Pakistan to deliver as an irritating opposition which has started leveling allegations of rigging would be a significant challenge.

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