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Snapchat Takes Action Against Donald Trump To Stop Racism

A multimedia messaging app Snapchat announced on 3rd June that it had stopped promoting Donald Trump’s account. It means that Donald Trump would not appear in the Discover section of the app anymore. This is the section where users come to explore new content from various other users. Plenty of random users along with celebrities and public and political figures are signed up on this app.

According to reports, the parent company Snap has stated that it no longer intends to amplify President Trump’s voice because it incites racial violence and injustice in America. The company confirmed that they stand with those who are after peace, love, equality, and justice. However, it will not suspend or terminate Trump’s account – it would still appear to the public.

Snapchat Reacts To Donald Trump’s Statement on Other Platforms

This reaction by Snapchat is driven by the President’s threats to employ the military and starting to shoot, etc. Although the statement was not on the app itself, it was still in the open on other social media platforms.

The app referred to these statements as glorifying violence and they signaled their disgust in promoting such a person. Here is the statement posted on Twitter and Facebook.

Similar statement was posted on other social media platforms as well. Moreover, President Trump constantly undermines the purpose of these historic protests around the country by turning attention towards violence through his posts.

What Actions Did Other Platforms Take Against Racism?

The daily protests in America that started after George Floyd’s murder have shaken the entire nations. POTUS’s response to the situation has been very disappointing for many people and organizations.

Twitter hid and issued a public interest notice on President Trump’s tweet about US protests. Reportedly, Twitter specifically issued this notice due to the ‘shooting’ part of the tweet.

This notice does not mean any penalization of Donald Trump’s account. The tweet will remain accessible but it will be hidden until someone chooses to view it. The tweet does hint at potential dictatorship in America which is a disservice to the democratic rights of millions of US citizens.

Facebook however, allowed the post to remain on its network. CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that personally he disagrees with Trump’s post but he thinks that it should stay online for people to decide for themselves. Some Facebook employees disagree with Zuckerberg and argue that his decision will encourage more harmful posts like this.

What Does It Mean For Donald Trump?

All social media platforms have a responsibility to their users and all of them respond in different ways. Snapchat claims to promote such public content that enhances the user’s experience on the app. This is not the first time President Trump has faced criticism for his biased statements. 

He needs to quickly reevaluate his stance on US protests and stop ignoring a massive outcry for civil rights. The riots and occasional violence are a direct response to the continued oppression from police officials and authorities. There is a huge chance for violence to end when racism is successfully tackled. President Trump has yet to respond to this action by Snapchat.

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