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Fans Mourn the Death of Legendary Stage Comedian Amanullah Khan

Pakistani stage comedian Amanullah passes away at the age of 70 in a private hospital in Lahore.

The legendary comedian was hospitalized multiple times after his health began to deteriorate in 2018. According to media reports, his condition was so unstable that he was taken to the hospital four times. Amanullah passed away \ due to severe complexities in his respiratory system.

Amanullah was born in 1950 in Gujranwala. He is regarded as “King of comedy” among the best standup comedy performers of Pakistan. The artist has performed in 860 day-night theatre plays. He also recieved Pride of Performanc award for his service to the art in 2018.

Fans Reaction on Stage Comedian Amanullah Khan Death

Fans are deeply saddened by the news of Amanullah’s death. Soon after the news broke out they took to twitter to express their heartfelt condolences to all of the friends and family of the departed soul.

This legend had entertained up to three generations of Pakistan with his unique style of impromptu comedy. His performances in stage dramas like Landa Bazar, Ketchup, Basheera in Trouble, UPS, and Muhabbat CNG will always be remembered.

Some fans were reminiscing the time spent with the legendary artist when he was healthier than recently. This will surely make a diehard fan burst in tears.

Pakistani actor and film Zindagi Tamasha director Sarmad Khoosat paid his tribute to the legendary actor by recalling how his experience of eye witnessing his first peformance on stage. He stated how comedian Amanullah Khan was distinguished from others for highlighting the class difference in a lighter manner.

On Amanullah Khan’s Struggle

Amanullah arrived in Lahore at a very early age. He used to sell candies at the Darbar of Data Ganj Bakhsh and also inside buses. He was fond of singing since childhood.

His first singing performances were limited to the Darbar where he sent chills down the spine of visitors with his soothing voice.

The country still remembers his first stage performance in “One Man Comedy Show” where he performed mimicry acts of then famous celebrities. Amanullah married three times. He has left behind 14 children one sister and two wives among bereaved.

May his soul rests in peace

Earlier, when Amanullah was hospitalized, a fake news of him passing away started circling. However, today on 6th March 2020 his lifelong friend and fellow artist, Sohail Ahmad also confirmed his death.

Comedian Amanullah Khan set the foundation of what is known today as spontaneous ‘jugatbaazi’ and revolutionized the industry that was going in a very questionable direction. Now that Amanullah passes away, it is the responsibility of current and upcoming artists to uphold the standards and limitations of performing on stage.

The theatre is the house of art and whoever masters theatre is a complete artist. Even the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan also expressed his grief over the unfortunate demise of the legendary artist.

May Allah grants him a higher place in heaven. This guy’s literal job was to make people smile. One can wonder if he was still making doctors and nurses smile in his last moments.

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