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Strings Band Breakup News is Making 90s Kids Nostalgic

Strings Band which initiated its musical career in 1988, and gave the world many fine musical marvels, is now coming to an end. The group including Faisal Kapadia, Bilal Maqsood, Adeel Ali, Haider Ali, Ahad Nayani, and Bradley D’Souza has decided to stop pursuing music and finish the band for good. Also, the breakup news has started making the 90s kids nostalgic since they are recalling all the good songs that played a good role in making their childhood better. Furthermore, fans have also become sad as they loved strings to a great extent and now, they won’t be able to enjoy any new songs by Strings.

Why is The Strings Band Concluding Their music?  

On March 25, 2021, the strings band posted on Instagram that the band will no longer continue its musical work. According to the post, the band mentioned that all the 33 years have been great since the fans showed amazing devotion and enthusiasm towards the singers and their music. Lastly, the post concluded with the statement that the band cannot be technically together, which is why it is going to part ways. 

The very post made enthusiasts of the Strings to comment how they felt. Most of the commenters stated that they don’t want the band to go away. 

Fan Nostalgia Is All Over the Place After Break Up

Strings Band has earned a massive amount of respect and fan following in their musical tenure. It has won the hearts of people in multiple countries of the world and made their name among the most popular Pakistani celebrities as well. Now that the members have decided to put an end to their work, a huge number of fans are feeling bad as they won’t be able to enjoy any new song made or sung by the band. Nonetheless, these devotees became nostalgic and started sharing their favorite songs by the group on social media. Also, many shared their memories attached to the time when their admired song was released. Also, they have been remembering the hits including the 2003 world Cup song “hai Koi Hum Jaisa”, Sajni, Duur, and many more, produced by the band. 

Heart Broken Fans Want The Group To Restart 

From some fans’ point of view, Pakistan is filled with a huge number of talented people. As far as music is concerned, a multitude of platforms like Coke Studio and several others have given chances to such gifted musicians. Nevertheless, the same admirers find Strings band relatively better than many others. The reason might be their pop-rock music genre that sparks up the energy level in people. Also, the band sold 25 million albums globally. In 2005, it earned the title of Asia’s favorite band at MTV Asia Awards.

This might be a reason that most of the group fans are making requests on social media before the Pakistani music band, strings to reconsider their decision and let the world enjoy their music for a bit longer.  

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