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This Sub Inspector Wins Heart For Adopting A Differently Abled Child

According to news circulating on social media, the parents of a differently-abled child abandoned their kid at the Ayub Medical Complex in Abbottabad. After hearing this news, one sub-inspector rushed to the complex with his wife and requested to adopt the special child. His name wasn’t disclosed.

This news is highly painful as it is amazing. A person automatically wonders about the mental and financial status of parents who had the gall to abandon their child while millions of people can’t have a child at all.

People Praised The Sub Inspector On Social Media

This incredible act of compassion is a rare occurrence in a society where children are brutally murdered. Perhaps it is a sign that there are still few human beings left in this animal kingdom of Pakistan. The parents of this child will never see happiness in their remaining days but people have sent prayers and best wishes for the child and the couple who adopted him.

Faith In Humanity…Restored?

For many people this act was unbelievable, especially coming from a police officer. While the police are taking lives in the US, in Pakistan it just decided to raise a life with special needs. Maybe humanity doesn’t cease to exist.

Stories That Need Attention

People pointed out that these are the kinds of stories that need highlighting. Mainstream media usually focuses on war mongering, government self-appraisals, celebrity breakup stories, and basically everything that earns them pay-per-views and pay-per-clicks. Stories of real heroes such as this one and the one when a woman used Facebook to help arrest thieves, are not covered with the same passion.

Another user claims that this story will not get attention. Most people are now aware that news business shows what they want and whatever supports their agendas.

Requesting Contact Number

People were so impressed with the sub inspector that they asked for his contact number. Maybe they wanted to call him or to help the cop in any capacity.

Is Police Trying To Reform Their Ways?

It is not logical to assume that the whole department would magically become human-like this one policeman. To reform a government department authorities need to take some real concrete steps.

A Sign of Hope for Society

Society is characterized by many evils and goods. But most of the time these are the evil news that takes the attention of mainstream media and good one struggles to come on the limelight. The news of a cop adopting a differently-abled child is a blow of fresh air and instills hope that there are still people who care for the marginalized segments of the society.

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