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Taylor Swift’s Private Jet Usage is Bothering Netizens

American pop star Taylor Swift has come under fire for her private jet usage. A plane might be the quickest way to transport a celebrity but not necessarily an environment-friendly one. Last month, supermodel Kylie Jenner and her rapper Boyfriend had to face the wrath of social media after bragging about their matching private jets. Reportedly, they used the jets for a 17-minute flight, leading to a backlash. This also prompted a study from an independent digital marketing organization, identifying celebrity jet rides with the most carbon emissions. However, Kylie Jenner was not even in the top 10. The celebrity that topped the list was none other than Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift’s Private Jet Usage Stats

Swifties acted in denial after the report identified that Taylor’s jet emitted 8293.54 metric tonnes of carbon within 7 months. The report also shared that humans emitted only 7 metric tonnes of CO2 a year. It means that if the study is credible, Taylor’s plane is emitting 1000+ metric tonnes more than an average person’s annual emissions. Taylor’s jet has been on 170 trips and recorded more than 22,000 minutes in the air, according to the independent report. Her average flight time was mentioned as 80 minutes.

It was shocking for the fans to see Taylor Swift on top of the list of celebrities contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. On the second spot, it was the boxer, Floyd Mayweather and on the third, it was the rapper, Jay-Z. Other celebrities who made the list include baseball legend Alex Rodriguez, Blake Shelton, Mark Wahlberg, and Steven Spielberg.

Memes on the Development

Taylor Swift is known for her romantic songs that celebrate love. Her lyrics and videos also portray her as a nature lover, which made facts about her private jet usage even more painful. Music lovers shared memes about her choice of naming songs based on nature, but in reality, contributing to ruining the environment.

Swift is Not the Only One Responsible for Climate Change

Taylor’s representatives responded to the backlash, saying that assuming all of that private jet usage on Taylor was “blatantly incorrect”. They claimed that the singer’s jet was often given out on loan to other passengers. However, it didn’t stop the criticism. Fans highlighted how the singer had an exceptionally private lifestyle, but whatever was public about her placed her in the US, London, and the Bahamas in a matter of weeks. The artist also has 4 homes, each in New York, Nashville, Los Angeles, and London.

Those in support of Swift turned attention to the CO2 emissions of big corporations. They said it was pointless for dragging Swift on the internet while much bigger culprits were making profits from destroying the environment. United Nations (UN) has warned that if humans as a whole did not cut CO2 emissions then there will be extreme weather events on the Earth.

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