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This 73 Years Old Chinese Pole Dancer Proves that Age is Just a Number

Here comes the story of a 73 years old Chinese Pole dancer who is breaking all the stereotypes. Laziness struck youth that finds it hard to hit gym and follow a fitness regime has got a motivation strong enough to push themselves for an overhaul.

Who Is this 73 Years Old Chinese Pole Dancer

Dai Dali is the name of this 73 years old Chinese pole dancer who is making news from last few years for going against the odds. According to a viral online video of Dai, she started pole dancing at the age of 65.

It is to be noted that Pole dancers around the world have to be of size zero and must possess a slender body; something which is unexpected from a woman who is more than 70 years old.

Further pole dancing also requires an ability to flex the body at all angles. The requirements are more like the game of gymnastics where sports person who is 20 years of age is considered old enough. But, this Chinese pole dancer has proven that age is merely a number and you can still fly around a pole even after passing the seven decades of your life.

There are several videos of this old Chinese pole dancer on YouTube where she speaks her mind about her art and interest in this field and the difficulties she faced during the process.

What Dai Has to Say About Her Art

Dai who is the oldest Pole Dancer in China opines that pole dancing is a sport of strength and beauty. She thought it as beautiful as stretching bird flying in the sky. In one of her video interviews by media channels, She also shares how he got hurt during learning and ended up with a bruised and scarred body.

Her Diverse Actions As a Pole Dancer

Dai is not just a Chinese pole dancer. In fact, she has been working in the field as an acrobat for almost 8 years. She does wonderful things, like stretching her feet, flexing body and adopting balanced positions around the pole; something that one can expect from a twenty years old girl.

Dai Dali is not the only person from China who has inspired the world. Earlier, a Chinese family went viral for losing weight and undergoing a transformation. But, Dai Dali is the winner. She has indeed proved that age is a myth and all that matters is human will and desire to achieve something.

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