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What is TikTok Gaming App Offering the Users?

TikTok has been a popular app for users interested in making Lip-syncing videos and reels. The app has faced both popularity and defamation due to its content and services around the globe. According to reports, TikTok has over 689 million monthly active users that make videos, and many of them are getting recognition based on their rate of followers in millions. Thousands of Tiktokers are earning a good deal of money as well by producing trending and viral content. On the other hand, there is still a question mark on the application’s existence as authorities in multiple countries, and the public thinks the content is inappropriate. Given the popularity and growth rate, the platform is currently working on a new feature that is TikTok gaming which includes in-app HTML5 mini-games for users in Vietnam. One of the company’s representatives broke the news about app testing the feature for the community’s entertainment.

What is The Purpose of Introducing TikTok Gaming?

According to the representative of TikTok, the company prefers testing new features and experiments with them to provide a better user experience. The addition of the TikTok gaming feature is for revenue growth. As per the sources, the ad-supported games will be taken from the parent company, ByteDance’s library. The ads will increase the user time on the application. People already spend much time on the platform and make the company tons of money. The ads will boost the revenue generation if the gamers decide to spend some time on screens to play some mini TikTok games.

What are the Disadvantages?

Since the TikTok gaming feature has been launched in Vietnam and will supposedly be introduced in other countries as well, many might feel that they are being forced to watch ads. Multiple popular games have pauses due to ad interruption, but people keep playing due to being addicted to the games. However, many mini-video games have quite low downloading rates due to people not being happy with constant ad popups. Other than that, the reputation of TikTok in countries like Pakistan, India, Australia, the UK, and the US is in a state of war since it keeps on getting banned. Where thousands of people love making TikTok videos, hundreds think of it as an unethical platform that encourages users to produce inappropriate content. Adding the games to show ads forcefully might not suit some TikToker-gamers. Also, the era is changed, and now the gaming community looks for masterpieces with high graphics that can run on PCs, consoles, and mobiles. For example, PUBG has been a game-changer since it became the very first mobile game that people went crazy for. Mini-games are not much attractive to a lot of people these days.

Competition Leading To Gaming on TikTok

In 2021, the platform introduced TikTok gaming by adding a mini-game, ‘Garden of Good’, by partnering with Feeding America®. So the plan was already initiated in America, but there’s no such hype of an in-app game. Other than that, TikTok is far behind in competition with other platforms already implementing this idea. Facebook had already added games long ago. Netflix games have also been introduced on the streaming platform. It appears that TikTok only joined the trend and aspiring to earn money out of it.  

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