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Kim Kardashian Stalker Threatens to Kill Her Family

Supermodel and reality TV star Kim Kardashian filed an emergency restraining order against an alleged stalker who threatened to kill her and her family. According to reports, this Kim Kardashian stalker made several alarming threats to the model. He also allegedly threatened to kill her family and bomb her business.

Who is Kim Kardashian Stalker?

The superstar’s legal team stated that Kim’s security team intercepted around 80 letters with “disturbing sexual references” about her. The name of the person who sent those letters was mentioned in the reports as “David Resendiz”. However, it could be a pseudonym for hiding the real identity of the Kim Kardashian stalker. The reports also said that the person sent about 30 letters just in the last month.

Kardashian, who shares 4 kids with her ex-husband Kanye West (who named himself Ye), is currently dating Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson. The restraining order filed in court doesn’t mention anybody’s name but Kim states that the stalker “lashed out” at those she has “intimate relationships” with.

Regular Target for Stalkers

There is not only Kim Kardashian stalker on the planet. The business mogul has gone through similar trauma many times in the past. In 2021, she obtained a 5-year restraining order against a guy named Nicolas Costanza. He was eventually charged with felony stalking after breaching the order by trying to hop the gate of the model’s mansion in San Fernando. The report also said that Nicolas sent Kim a diamond ring and a morning-after pill.

Kim’s sister Kendall Jenner has also been a target of stalking. Jenner obtained a restraining order against Malik Bowker in 2021 after he allegedly threatened to buy a gun and shoot both of them. After the incident, Kendall moved out of her Los Angeles home, citing that she felt unsafe.

Dangerous and Scary Environment

The model’s ex-husband Ye is also a known Kim Kardashian stalker. After Kim filed for a divorce, Ye relentlessly pursued her for a while, even though she was dating Davidson. Ye continued to harass the couple on social media, which Kim called “scary and dangerous”. The rapper has a huge following that also includes some psychotic individuals with tendencies to hurt Kim and her new lover following her divorce from Ye. After heavy social media backlash, Ye announced that he apologized for saying awful stuff about Kim and Pete on social media.

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