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Ye Apologizes for Harassing Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

American Rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, has recently apologized for slandering Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson in a slew of social media posts. The supermodel filed for divorce from Ye in February 2021 and publically confirmed that she has moved with her new boyfriend, the comedian Pete Davidson.

However, Ye continued to talk about the couple in an ill-mannered fashion. He even shared his private conversations with his estranged wife on social media. It left a bad taste in the viewer’s mouth, who considered Ye’s actions to be harassment. Fans even booed him at the Super Bowl for his social media rant.

Ye’s posts against the couple have now been deleted. In his recent apology, Ye acknowledged his irrational behaviour and claimed to take accountability for gaslighting Kim and threatening her boyfriend.

Ye Causes Safety Concerns for Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

The rapper shared a series of posts encouraging violence against Kim’s new boyfriend by using slurs like declaring “war” on him, “dickhead”, and threatening Pete to “beat his ass”. He even ranted about an alleged relationship between the comedian and US diplomat Hilary Clinton. He said that Pete had a tattoo of Clinton on his leg because he had a discreet relationship with the politician.

Ye also sent Kim a truck full of roses on Valentine’s Day and claimed that he wanted to win her back while she was out on a date with Pete. Ye is known to give surprise gifts to Kim. In 2018, he sent her a neon Mercedez truck that matched her sister Kylie Jenner’s truck. He posted against his daughter North using TikTok and asked his fans what should he do. Kim responded that Ye’s constant attacks on her were more hurtful than North using TikTok. Ye’s wild posts raised genuine concerns for the couple’s safety. They pointed out how Ye’s psycho fans can actually hurt Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson physically.

How Does Kim Kardashian Feel?

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are not paying any attention to Ye’s public appeal of getting his “family back together”. Kim is trying to ignore Ye’s posts and living a happy life with Pete. According to reports, Kim loves the new chapter in her life and having a lot of fun. She will remain cordial and only speak to Ye regarding kids. She is also hopeful that Ye also move on and accept that they will never get back together. Kim also said that she wanted Ye to be happy.

Response from Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson reportedly started dating in November 2021 after staging a kissing scene for a sketch in Saturday Night Live. Ye knew about the show, and he initially thought it was funny. However, later when he saw Kim holding hands with Pete, he asked her to avoid showing public display of affection with another man until the divorce was finalized.

Pete was never involved in the Kim and Ye divorce drama and said he just wanted to be there for Kim. Pete also said he felt “sympathy” for Ye but refrained from coming in the middle of the former couple. He praised Kim for being good at compartmentalizing and shutting out things she did not need.

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