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Islamabad Traffic Police to Take Strict Action Against Tinted Car Windows

In the light of recent development in Islamabad, Pakistan, the traffic police has assigned a special squad to deal with the vehicle owners with tinted car windows. The team will deal with the ones with having black paper pasted on the car windows. According to Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Traffic, Dr Syed Mustafa Tanveer, the officers have worked hard to reduce the rate of accidents in the city but more measures are need. However, many are just ignorant towards the warnings by police officials and they keep the tints on anyway. Thus, actions are necessary to enforce the law and avoid fetal accidents. 

Zero Tolerance policy Against Tinted Car Windows

SSP Mustafa stated that raising awareness regarding the road safety is a moral responsibility and enforcing regulations is one way to do it. So, ITP is intending to implement a zero tolerance policy to assure the reduction in road accidents. According to SSP, tinted car windows is a breech in the traffic rules and regulations and violation of rules causes accidents. Therefore, putting a stop to law breaking is an absolute necessity and therefore, ITP squad have had extensive training and are advised to treat the citizens with  sincerity, compassion, and humility. Civilians are supposed to play a vital role in ensuring smooth traffic because obeying rules and laws of traffic can save life of people. 

Actions Against The Law Breakers 

The traffic law against tinted car windown is being enforced not only in the capital of Pakistan but other cities as well. Traffic police in Lahore fines the one tinted windows and forcefully removes the papers from the screens. Last year, national highways and motorway police in Islamabad banned the entry of cars with black windows. 

The stance of police is not being concerned about the road safety of public but to control the crime rate too. The criminals usually use tinted car windows and hidden number plates to commit heinous crimes that includes rapes as well. 

The police is now going to charge individuals with fines who have tinted car screens, reportedly. 

Why is Public So Rigid Towards Removing Tints?

Upon asking public about their interest in tinted car windows, some responded with obvious reasons. They mentioned that turning windows black or blinding them protects the interior of the car from heat and sunlight. Not all individuals have cars with strong air conditioning, some have weak and thus they use black papers to prevent heat from entering. Moreover, the sunlight somehow damages the interior and the black sheets became necessary for some. 

Another perspective was the privacy issue since the no city is safe from goons, citizen user tinted car windows to maintain the privacy of their family. 

Youngsters have a different viewpoint. They say, old or even new cars become classy and modern by installing dark sheets. But since the police have implemented the strict law against black windows, people have found alternatives include the curtains and window shades that nearly serve a similar purpose. 

Reportedly, Pakistani authorities are also keen on removing all the elements that cause road casualties. Previously, Pakistan decided to ban cars without airbags to guarantee the safety of public.  

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