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What Snack Video Has to do With Travel With PUBG Mobile Campaign?

PUBG mobile is among the most popular virtual and open-world gaming platforms, with millions of users across the world. The game brings challenges, tournaments, and campaigns for the users to have an assortment of genres in the game. A recent development in the gaming world is the travel with PUBG mobile campaign, which is getting popular in Pakistan with the #trend “#TravelWithPUBGM” in collaboration with Snack Video. The campaign is attracting gamers rapidly as the number of interested users increases through social media promotions.

What is Travel With PUBG Mobile Campaign?

The Travel with PUBG Mobile campaign is basically giving players of PUBG a virtual tour of different parts of Pakistan. The places listed in the virtual tour plan include Punjab, Sindh, Gilgit Baltistan, and several other exotic, natural, and historical landmarks. The campaign has added some features that are becoming a helping hand in grasping a great deal of players across Pakistan. PUBG mobile has always influenced people with its several tactics, but it has also faced setbacks due to its design and nature. However, social media users have considered the campaign a good initiative.

How is Snack Video Helping?

Snack video is doing what it does best—running the Travel With PUBG Mobile campaign through the help of videos. It is also providing gateways for the users to enter the campaign. The essential role of the short video platform is to gather the audience. The platform already has 500,000 followers following its three creators. The creators have been helping the gaming platform by approaching gamers from all parts of Pakistan. Also, a cash prize is added as an incentive for the participants. They will have to contribute to the collection of 150,000 short clips to achieve the target. Apparently, this is a B2B deal which will help both platforms.

What is The Progress So Far?

With the help of Snack Video, Travel With PUBG Mobile campaign has been successful enough to attract more than 700,000 Pakistani players. PUBG has also introduced a new MatchaCone Set skin that takes players on the tour and dances as well. The game has evolved so much over the past decade, Surely, it has seen some dark days, too, but gamers are still crazy for it. Also, the recently released PUBG New State game became a sensation as its download rate reached 10 million.

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