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Police Beat Muslim Man in UK Even After Voluntary Surrender

A CCTV video of the police beating Muslim man after he voluntarily surrendered has shocked people far and wide. It has also raised question whether enough is being done to tackle racism in the west.

Muslim Man Brutally Beaten For Reasons Not Known

According to the CCTV video a young Muslim man wearing a black jacket and pant is walking down a street in Accrington, Lancashire when suddenly out of the blue police cars showed up. Officers immediately got out of the car telling the young man to hit the deck.

Realizing that there’s something wrong he voluntarily and immediately got down on the ground. Despite voluntarily surrendering the poor chap got the beating of a life time before being hand cuffed and put in the back of a police car.

Steps Taken To Address These Problems

Though it is not clear as to why the police acted in such a disgraceful manner. Their actions have raised questions regarding the quality of police training being given. After September the 11th attack there’s been a global rise in anti-Islamic rhetoric. To address this problem various step were taken like the introduction of religious studies on a school level to spread awareness and bridge the gap between the societies. This greatly helped in reducing the problem to some extent but failed to address it completely.

Similar steps were taken with the police department. The training routine was completely redesigned to incorporate and spread general awareness regarding different religions practiced in the UK to improve the policing situation.

 The police action in the video show that there is still room for improvement because under no circumstance should a police officer or officers act in the manner they did.

Despite being a developed country there are a lot of misconceptions about UK like presence of little to no crime at all.

For Some The Police Action Are Starting To Resemble Those Of The Nazi’s

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