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Who Is This Goat Looking Fellow from US Capitol Hill Riot

On January 6, 2021, Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the US Capitol Building in huge numbers. It was Joe Biden’s victory sign-off day. Reportedly, Trump’s speech few hours ago, incited the protest against election results which turned into a violent riot. The building was later secured but at least 4 people died including a woman, who was shot. Reports added that Donald Trump told the supporters that he loved them and they were very special before asking them to go home.

Among the riot, there were many odd looking human beings that esthetically looked like Trump’s supporters. However, one of them was kind of different which caught the public eye. This guy was wearing fur and horns of perhaps a buffalo with a patriotic face paint.

Some argued that he was a fake protestor but fact checkers dug deeper and brought out the truth.

A Hilarious Takeaway From US Capitol Riot

Many people raised different questions about this particular rioter. Some tried to explain what kind of getup he was wearing. They starting brainstorming ideas about which animal these fur and horns belonged too. Apparently, such animals are believed to have magical properties.

Some opined that this was another face of fascism that Donald Trump usually inspires. Ever since his accession as a president, US democracy has been in danger. This led some social media users to worry a little about where the nation was going. Opposing the electoral votes in clearly an attack on democracy.

He was able to scare a good amount of people in the Capitol. Nobody was sure if he was actually a Trump supporter or the so-called Antifa member, which Trump had been speaking about. The outgoing president has been accusing Antifa of being a terrorist organization working against his administration. However, in reality this is not true. Antifa does not exist as an individual organization. It is just an umbrella term to define groups of individuals with far-left tendencies. The term itself is an abbreviation of anti-fascist.

So Who Is This Guy?

The guy dressed as an animal was a real supporter of Trump, who claimed to have joined the protest because of QAnon. Plenty of QAnon supporters were seen in the riot holding banners of ‘Q’. It is an unverified theory that states President Trump is waging a quiet war against the Satanists and elitists in the government, media, and the business. There are obviously more claims like this to show Trump as the ultimate savior of human race. However, all of their claims not only contradict each other but also the reality. QAnon distorts historical facts and numerology in order to draw far-fetched arguments.

Fact-checkers corrected people by reporting that this was a popular QAnon supporter named Jake Angeli. His nickname is QAnon Shaman and his bare chest, face paints, tattoos are his normal look. Moreover, by listening to his political viewpoint, Americans soon understood that there was nothing to worry about.

What Was He Wearing?

As for the outfit of Angeli, there were different opinions. Some thought it could be a good Halloween outfit while others were afraid if he killed actual animals to extract their pelts. Considering his physical appearance, it was very much possible. To some, it may have appeared even cheap due to its barbaric nature. However, it turned out that it wasn’t cheap at all.

According to one social media post, this was how much the outfit could have cost this guy from the US Capitol riot scene.

HMS Supersoft Fantasy Horns – 11.95 USD

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Pallete Face Paint – 29 USD

Glacier Wear Coyote Fur Russian Hat – 279.95 USD

Pandora Pendant Necklace – 60 USD

Timberland Touchscreen Gloves – 54.99 USD

Pyle 20 Watt Megaphone – 14.99 USD

Carhatt Duck Dungaree – 34.99 USD

Total cost of the entire outfit has become 485.87 USD.

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