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Fans Bash Warner Bros for Killing Batgirl

The unreleased movie, Batgirl is all over social media today for being cancelled by Warner Bros. The film was shot, and the post-production was almost done, but then the company decided not to proceed with neither theatrical nor OTT release of the movie. Apparently, the budget for the film became a prominent reason to shut down the project and leave the actors and fans in shock. The Fans are furious against the decision since they were not expecting something this unfortunate to happen with the leading actress Leslie Grace.

More Than $100 Million Budget Pulled the Plug on Batgirl.

Initially, the budget for Batgirl was $70 million, but after Warner media’s merger with discovery, the budget was increased. The newly formed company wanted to proceed with the theatrical release, but the amount required for the early test screening was way too much. As per reports, the actual requirement was over $100 million. Apparently, the company thought that the movie would not be able to do much business and earn revenue more than the money spent.

Why Not Release the Movie on HBO Max?

Releasing Batgirl on the streaming platform HBO max was the original and initial plan. Also, the movie was big enough to be released in theatres and not only on OTT. Since the budget ballooned over $100 million, there was no way the film could make it to HBO streaming. The reason is that even if the subscribers were good enough to lead towards a handsome revenue amount, the movie still wouldn’t have made more than 100 million dollars. The WB discovery decided to kill the project under the tax write-down claim.

Heartbroken Fans’ Reactions

As the news about Batgirl being cancelled circled around social media. The platforms began to flood with angry posts by the fans. One strong argument was that the company did an awful thing by throwing away the project since it was a movie empowering women of colour.

Besides that, the movie was highly anticipated since it was a reflection of every batman movie, and people were excited to see a girl playing the protagonist in a DC movie.

The directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah posted on Instagram that it’s just sad to see their work thrown away. They wished that the audience could watch the movie. Also, they expressed how amazing it was to work with a great cast, including Michael Keaton, J.K. Simmons, Brendan Fraser, Jacob Scipio, Corey Johnson, and Rebecca Front. They especially appreciated Leslie for being a passionate actress.

After Batman 2, the female version was a standalone film to introduce a new era of heroes in the DC universe. After discovering the news, they were just heartbroken about the Leslie Grace not being a part of the unreleased title. 

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