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Trailer of Will Smith’s Gemini Man Is Out Now

Will Smith is one of the most phenomenal actors of our time. With a movie like Men in Black series and The Pursuit of Happiness, the seasoned actor, the veteran actor has always captivated and intrigued his audience with his acting skills. Gemini Man is smith latest work and its trailer is out now.

What Is Gemini Man All About?

Gemini Man has been directed by Ang Lee and produced in collaboration with Will Smith, Jerry Bruckheimer, David Ellison, James Lassiter, Dana Goldberg, and  Granger. The movie is scheduled for release on 4th of October this year in Indian.

According to the plot of the story, the seasoned actor plays an assassin who for some reason has ended up on the hit list of a secretive elite organization that wants him dead at all cost and will go to any extent to make it happen.

Too Good To Be Killed

Despite multiple attempts, the agency fails to kill him. So the young genetically modified version of him from a sample of blood the organization had extracted from him years ago comes to play its role. A fierce and intense fight pursues between the Smith and the cloned version of him.

During this process, Smith repeatedly tries to convince the clone that the organization and the agent who has been put in charge of him is lying and misleading him just to get their dirty work done. He provides the clones with proofs to his claims and with the passage of time manages to convince the clone who later teams up with him to take the organization down.

Fans Reaction to Trailer

Will Smith’s role in recently released Aladdin has not done much to impress the audience. But In Gemini Man Smith fighting his clone would indeed be something unique to watch.

After looking at the image, some fans felt the movie was a recreation of metal gear solid with Will Smith in it.

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