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Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Delays Release of Wonder Woman 1984

Supposedly, a number of reasons took part in the delay of the Wonder Woman 1984; the prominent among these was the abysmal performance of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. Earlier, the film was all set to hit theatres on Oct 2 but the release date has now been officially moved to December 25.

What Tenet had to do with Wonder Woman 1984’s Delay

Tenet was released on August 26, 2020: reportedly, it was one of the most awaited movies produced by Warner Bros and directed by Christopher Nolan. The revenue didn’t do justice with the hype of the movie since it didn’t do well in the box office. The poor performance of the movie in theaters has now made producers delay the Wonder Woman 1984.

Both Tenet and Wonder Woman were the masterpieces fashioned by Warner Bros: the release of Tenet wasn’t as successful as it was anticipated due to pandemic. The lockdown implemented due to the spread of coronavirus has barred people from going out and watching the movie in theaters. The empty halls played their part and brought the movie towards its downfall. Presumably, the very outcome has derived a solution that Tenet requires a lot more time to settle in for people to acknowledge and enjoy it. Consequently, Wonder Woman 1984 is put on hold so that Tenet doesn’t face any competition. Delaying the release of the movie is merely a technique in order to increase the audience for Tenet.

Pandemic: A threat to publicity of the movie

Due to the Covid19, the entire Hollywood industry has been on hold for a while. Audiences have been resilient towards going out and resuming their lives like before. Similarly, people haven’t yet considered visiting theaters or cinemas in order to get entertainment back into their lives. Apparently, Warner Bros extended the release of Wonder Woman 1984 due to the current pandemic situation. On the other hand, the consequences that Tenet faced also assisted WB in making the decision about delaying the release of their next movies. WB purportedly didn’t want another of its films to face the same fate as Tenet did. Thus, the thought of delaying the release was considered.  

Why the movie is much awaited?

Wonder Woman 1984 is a superhero movie inspired by DC comics. The movie is a sequel of previously released movie of same name which was very much appreciated by the fans in 2017. The filmleading character and female superhero is Gal Gadot who is a well-reputed actress and is believed to be perfect for the role of a woman superhero. Allegedly, the very reason of Wonder Woman being popular and being awaited is that it is a combination of good cast and Production Company.


The cast includes Kristin Wiig as Barbara Ann Minerva / Cheetah: Her depiction in the movie is itself an element of charm as well as it inspires fans to be more curious. https://twitter.com/brie_sparkles/status/1297229974315896832

The movie is directed by Petty Jenkins who is among the well-known directors of Hollywood. Since, the previous Wonder woman movie was a hit, fans are excited for this one as well

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