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YouTube Diamond Play Button Given to Psy

The famous video website gave YouTube Diamond Play button to PSY. PSY is the famous singer who sang the world famous song Gangnam Style. In his video on Sunday, the singer unveiled his YouTube Diamond Play Button. YouTube Diamond Play Button marks the milestone of achieving 10 million subscribers.

The star unveiled his Diamond Play Button and showed it to his over 10 million YouTube fans. He said he has just found out about the button and that his official YouTube channel has over 10 million subscribers. PSY said that he is grateful for receiving this award.

He praised YouTube as a platform through which he was able to expand his career to over a decade. PSY added he was able to reach foreign countries too because of YouTube. He promises to add more content even in the off-season. Finally, he thanked his 10 million subscribers and YouTube for getting this button.

PSY New Songs

Let us have a look at the new songs of PSY and their views on YouTube.

  • ‘New Face’ with over 36 million views.
  • ‘I LUV IT’ with over 34 million views.
  • ‘DADDY’ with over 269 million views.

PSY Gave So Many Popular Songs to get YouTube Diamond Play Button

It did start with Gangnam Style song. But PSY kept giving more hits and favorite songs to the audiences. The two latest PSY songs “New Face” and “I Luv It” got combined views of over 60 million. Gangnam style as per the YouTube number keepers remains the most viewed video.

The Introduction of YouTube Diamond Play Button

YouTube Diamond Button Given to PSYYouTube, with a video, introduced the YouTube Diamond Play Button in 2015. At that time, the announcement came with as many as 35 channels hitting the number of over 10 million subscribers.

Earlier, YouTube had a Silver Play Button for the channels reaching 100,000 subscribers. After that YouTube introduced a Gold Play Button for channels with over 1 million subscribers.

Some of the famous YouTube channels that have Diamond Play Button include Fine Brothers Entertainment, KSI, Smosh, VanossGaming, YouTubeSpotlight, and Fernanfloo. It may seem to be a feat for a singer or celebrity.

Wiz Khalifa Got Diamond Play Button

Wiz Khalifa has been given the Diamond Play Button. He currently has over 11.1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He has produced many famous songs including See You Again, Black and Yellow, No Sleep, Work Hard Play Hard, and This Plane.

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