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YouTube’s New Content Regulation Is Upsetting Creators

On Thursday, YouTube notified its users regarding a content regulation update that allows it to tackle and eliminate online harassment. For some reason, many you tubers are opposing this change

Here All You Need To Know About YouTube’s New Content Rules

Over the past decade and a half, YouTube has been trying to make its platform more user-friendly by eliminating or banning content that may be considered offensive or compel Youbtubers to put themselves in harm’s way just for views.

As a part of that initiative, the streaming platform, after consulting various You Tubers and other legal partners, has decided to introduce a modified version of rules on the basis it would evaluate the contents of users.

Under the new regulation, the platform will take a stricter stance on the use of abusive language or racist content. Further, more strict action will be taken against content that makes fun of bodily traits, sexual orientation, faith, or gender, respectively.

Based on the severity of violating these rules, a person may even have his or her content demonetized or may result in the closure of their channel.

That’s it

Many YouTubers have taken an offense to the new harassment rules as they feel they are an infringement on their freedom of speech and are threatening to leave the platform in pursuit of others. To their dismay, there aren’t a lot of streaming platform to which they can migrate.

A lot of the people before starting their own live streaming channel were either unemployed or were unhappy with their day time job and were in search of something more fulfilling.

No Surprise There

For some, the fate of the live streaming platform was sealed the very day it was sold to Google, so if these new rules become the reason behind its shutdown it wouldn’t be surprising
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