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Is New Song of Zayn Malik TightRope a Tribute to Muhammad Rafi

Zayn Malik Tightrope song is something unexpected that might be entertaining for many of his fans as well as Mohammed Rafi’s admirers. The song comprises beautiful lyrics including the lines from Rafi’s popular song Chaudhvin Ka Chand Ho. The song might be a wonder in the music industry but it raises curiosity among the listeners. 

Zayn Malik Tightrope song with lyrics from Muhammad Rafi’s Masterpiece

Zayn Malik is a British Pakistani singer who happens to compose unique and catchy songs. For instance, Dusk Till Dawn, Fool For You, There You Are, and many more have been his popular hits. Almost all of his songs have gained millions of views on YouTube due to unpredictable music and lyrics. Similarly, Tightrope is also a new yet very catchy song, and adding Mohammed Rafi’s song lyrics to his song might be one of the reasons behind it becoming more popular. The reason is that India and Pakistan have so many fans of both Rafi and Zayn including the old generation as well as the new. Many people who are into Malik’s music, think that the song is a small tribute to the Legend Muhammad Rafi. 

What Do Critics Say About The Song? 

Where there are people who have always admired the famous singer for the new release, many criticized him. Several claimed that he stole lyrics from a widely popular song Chaudhvin Ka Chand Ho. 

On the other hand, reportedly, many think that doing covers like Zain Malik sang Allah Duhai hai, was a good thing to contribute to the musical world. Similarly, adding a few lines from another song is not stealing but called tributing since almost every person in Pak and India recognize the lyrics and the singer of the original song. 

This is how the original Rafi’s song is different from Zayn’s:

Zayn Malik Tightrope is an entirely different song since it doesn’t contain any other lyrics from Chaudhvin Ka Chand Ho but just the first two lines to supposedly attract his devotees. Numerous people don’t like Malik singing Hindi songs, whereas, plenty of his fans love when he adds chunks of a Bollywood song in his music. 

On the contrary, Zayn’s song is entirely based on a different concept which is being admired today as the views are also increasing by the hour. 

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