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Zindagi Tamasha Finally Sees Light of the Day after Facing Ban

Zindagi Tamasha does not look like a movie that violates blasphemy laws or any other law that it was accused of. As a result, the censor board has finally cleared it and allowed it to release in Pakistani cinemas.

Zindagi Tamasha in Pakistani Cinemas

Pakistan Peoples Party Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar announced in a tweet that the senate’s human rights committee had agreed to show Zindagi Tamasha across cinemas in Pakistan after COVID.

Previously the movie was banned even after the censor board cleared it twice due to pressure from a religious political party. This party that claims to be knowledgeable of Islam felt that this movie was against Islam and would enable their clerks to deviate from the path they thought was correct.

The film tells the story of an old bearded man living a regular life while practicing his faith in Islam in a regular way. The clergy is offended when that old man is recorded dancing at a wedding and made viral. It completely shuns his life and symbolizes him with dance rather than his other helpful activities around the house and in society.

The film was earlier slated to be released on 24th January. The date will be announced later. While authorities in Pakistan were deciding the fate of this Zindagi Tamsaha it already became the first Pakistani film to win the Kim Jiseok Award in the Busan International Film Festival 2019.

Zindagi Tamasha Trailer

Fans Welcome Decision to Release Zindagi Tamasha

Many film and TV fans were angry at religious groups for misleading the public and adding in the already tarnished name of Islam. They argued that so-called representatives of religion would have to fix their dirty habits that are concealed behind the cloak of piousness.

They were also angry at authorities for biased actions related to banning artists and art. They even criticized regulators like PEMRA to tolerate channels giving airtime to those abusive towards women. Like, What was more logical? Highlighting social abuse that people do every time or some shenanigan like Khalil-Ur-Rehman Qamar and Marvi Sirmed

More and more Indian dramas are getting worldwide recognition because they are not afraid to explore opportunities. This user expressed that this country could have also made a good series for a change that was not a victim of common religious misconception.

Many allegations on this film appear baseless after watching the trailer. Hamza Ali Abbasi told in a video that the critics of this film should reconsider its purpose before making a wrong judgment.

Reportedly the team of Zindagi Tamasha has received many death threats that made Sarmad Khoosat director of the film to withdraw the release. Some extreme members of clergy like Khadim Hussain Rizvi claimed to die before letting this film on the screen. Some people have expressed joy with this statement because a spiteful political figure will die over nothing.

The film was also wrongly accused of blasphemy which does not exist in the film. However, it is argued that the clergy made this accusation as an excuse to do whatever pleased them and their ideologies; they are the very people who assume control over the masses by misusing religion and distributing false preaches. Famous columnist Mehr Tarar stated that the real clergy wouldn’t have been this insecure of their teachings like this one

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