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10 Mind Blowing Coffee Facts that you didn’t know

Coffee is the widely popular drink around the globe. People from almost all the nationalities love to sip this drink either as an addiction or as a way to keep themselves active at work. Therefore, coffee facts are as interesting as the people who drink it.

In fact, coffee is not only a need but it is more like an essential cultural ingredient of modern day, high paced work lifestyle. Different cultures of the world have their own traditions about coffee. In the era of globalization and brands domination, there are few set standards and varieties that are equally popular irrespective of region and ethnicity.

Have you ever pondered? What is so unique about coffee that binds people from across the globe? How this drink originated? And, how it is leaving the cultural and economic impact on people through trade and ultimate benefit it offers.

Mindblowing Coffee Facts

For all the coffee addicts out there. Here are the ten most interesting facts about coffee that will make them fall in love with this drink all over again.

  1. Coffee Was Discovered By Goats:

According to various legends, animals have helped human beings in making significant discoveries. One such myth is also attributed to the finding of coffee.

These were the Ethiopian shepherds who observed their goats dancing after grazing on a particular kind of berry. They thought there must be something unique about this herb which is making their animals go crazy. And, hence they discovered coffee.

  1. Coffee as a Fuel

One of the undisputed coffee facts is that it is more like a fuel. It stimulates the brain and keeps a person active at work.

This is not the all, Coffee oil blended with other fuels can also make B20 biofuel. Hence, it can be used to power vehicle engines.

Further coffee is also the second most traded commodity after petroleum oil.

  1. Brazil as the Largest Producer of Coffee

Brazil is the largest producer of coffee. This Latin American country solely produced 40% of world’s coffee, which is twice more than Colombia and Vietnam, the countries which rank 2nd and 3rd respectively, in the list of coffee producer nations.

  1. Coffee as Berries

Very fewer people know that coffee seeds are more like berry fruits. Its superfood like impact proves that it matches the berries in term of properties.

A few centuries back, people used coffee berries as an energy-rich snack by mixing them with a kind of fat. Those, who don’t want to drink coffee, by considering it unhealthy can choose to consume it in raw form as coffee berries, if they need some anti-oxidants and think it comfortable to ingest coffee berries.

  1. Milk Weakens the Effect of Coffee

Here comes one of the lessor known coffee facts.

Have you ever wondered why a drink that contains more coffee and less milk is said to be more “strong”? The answer is quite astonishing.

Milk weakens the effect of caffeine. Hence, the coffee that contains more quantity of milk is not that much strong. This is the reason why people choose to drink black coffee at the workplace.

But at cafes, those who want to drink coffee for the sake of taste can choose one that has milk and cream in it. Such coffee only satiates the taste buds and doesn’t necessarily proves helpful in activating the brain.

  1. Most of the New Yorkers Are Coffee Drinkers

New York Citizens drink more coffee than rest of the Americans. 80% of American citizens consume coffee every day. But, New Yorkers drink 7 times more coffee than rest of their countrymen.

The United States is not the only most caffeinated country on the globe.

Finland is the nation that consumes the coffee most. A person in Finland consumes 3-4 cups of coffee in one day.

coffee facts

  1. George Washington Invented Coffee

One of the mind blowing coffee facts relates to its inventor. George Washington is the name of the person who invented coffee. Well, he is not the one who was an American president, but he was a scientist. He introduced his first brand Instant coffee in 1910. Later, he created Red E Coffee.

Washington who hailed from Belgium was a businessman and a chemist.

Many people think that inventor of coffee was related to American President George Washington. But, this was not an explained relation.

  1. Coffee as a Wine

The stimulating impact of coffee brings it parallel to wine.

Available resources indicate that original meaning of coffee is wine. It originated from the Yemen word Qahwah, which is pronounced in Turkish as Kahveh and upon reaching the Dutch origin, it became Koffie and hence in English as Coffee.

Well, what is called Qahwah in Yemen, doesn’t necessarily contain Coffee beans. Rather it can be any other herbal hot drink that doesn’t have milk in it.

Further, it is due to this stimulating effect of coffee that a sixteenth-century Muslim ruler banned it. But any extreme impact must be a result of higher quantity. As one cup is not sufficient to bring out the conscious.

People are obsessed with coffee as they are with selfies. And, one example of this craze is selficcino: London Cafe that has combined both arts.

  1. First Food to be Freeze Dried

The process of freeze drying of food to preserve it is much common in present time.

Coffee has the credit of being the first ever food that was freeze dried. The process began in World War II a time that required citizens and armies to preserve the large chunks of food to fulfill the needs.

So, it is possible to freeze dry coffee and utilize it for a longer period of time.

In fact, coffee is already a dried form of the berry seeds.

  1. World’s Most Expensive Coffee

And here comes one of the most disguisting coffee facts.

Many people will be shocked to know that world’s most expensive coffee which costs $600 is not precisely from coffee beans.

It comes from the feces of a particular breed of cat. The process of getting the coffee from the cat is much interesting.

The cat can’t digest the coffee beans. Hence, they get fermented and then excreted out. Consequently, users get to drink more smooth and chocolaty coffee.

Interestingly, the cat is not the only animal that offers the best coffee. On the version of this drink is obtained from the elephant dung.


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