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It is Not Just A Slice of Pizza- It is Something More

There is no doubt that everybody loves a good slice of pizza. Some love it so much that they can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is famous for its own Olympics.

Let’s Talk about Pizza History 

The history of this food is very diverse. Proof of people eating baked flat bread can be found all the way back to 6th century BC where Persian troops used to bake flat bread using their shields.

 Pizza was originally considered by many to be peasant food in Italy. It grew to fame when Raffaele Esposito a baker in Naples decided to honor the visiting king Umberto I and Queen Margherita of Savoy. This version had basil, tomatoes and mozzarella to represent the Italian flag. Queen loved it so much that the it was named margarita in her honor. From here this food got its Italian identity.  

The Americans were first introduced to this food by the Italian immigrants and popularized when ww2 veterans fell in love with it.

How Different Countries Made Contributed to It

Over the years many countries have developed their own versions. The Japanese added seafood to it while other countries like India added an element of spices to give it their own touch. This urge of people to give it their cultural touch made it so popular and caused so many innovations

People started making different tools and machines that would help them make pizza or improve it .Hence a whole new industry was born.

The growing demand of the food increased the competition amongst the pizzerias which started entertaining their guest by different means .the most popular form of entertainment was the style in which the pizza was tossing.

Pizza Olympics- Yes Believe it

Believe or not but this food has its own Olympics which is organized by Pizza e Pasta Italiana and PizzaNew. The championship started in 1991 and since then branched out to many countries. Anybody can apply weather you represent a company or not makes no difference.

The championships comprise of 3 segments

  • Free Style Acrobatics

in this segment the competitors have to  toss the pizza while preforming a acrobatic routine without dropping it dough or falling.

  • Fastest  Pizza Maker:

The person who makes the fastest dough with the best quality wins

  • Largest Dough Stretch:

In this section the person who manages to stretches the dough most without breaking it wins

Winner ets $10,000 and crown by Miss Italy.

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