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6 Tricks to Become More Intelligent

I remember my friend telling me not to stress about anything as it will only make me less intelligent. I don’t know she was right or not, but her warning made me realize that intelligence was not merely a by-birth trait. One can become more intelligent or less depending on exposure to the environment, circumstances and by creating a deliberate effort. And, I was right because mutations do happen to genes.

Hence, there is a sign of hope to gain intelligence for those who think themselves incapable of deciphering a situation or explaining their position to their counterparts.

Here is how you can become more intelligent

Try Challenging Things

Begin with these two things- Get out of your comfort zone and put yourself into a test. There is no use of repeating an easy to-do-task on a daily basis. Do the things that are difficult for you. Such a practice will not only train your mind to solve the problematic situations but also stop you from facing your fears like a fool.

Do Read Books

You have an opinion- right; you are confident about the truthfulness of your opinion- Good enough; but you are too rigid to accept the opinions of others- then it is lethal for your personal development. So, learn to be more flexible and open to the ideas of others. If you are an introvert and find it difficult to interact with others, then read different books and look what others have to say about the life. You can freely choose from the diverse range of fictions and non-fiction books. Or, let me help you out. Check these top 10 best-selling books of all time.

Become more intelligent

Learn a New Language

Learning a new language is another good practice to become more intelligent. So, what you should learn. I shared with my friend my intent of learning a language like French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch or some Middle Eastern Dialect. And, she responded that I should drop the idea of learning any of these languages and go for Java. And, her advice was not ignorable- the time has changed, you are living in the digital era, where tech experts are already heralding the happening of singularity. Therefore, you can choose to learn computer programming.

It will not only make you smarter but also make you customized for surviving in this tech

Play Board Games

Games like solving puzzles, cards, scrabble and chess offer an excellent exercise to the mind. They can make you efficient in solving the problems and even help to improve reaction time. So, look for a partner who can give you a challenge. Don’t hesitate for indulging in yourself that only makes you an efficient thinker and become more intelligent.

Do Write Something

Make a practice of writing something before going to sleep. Don’t look for perfection in whatever you write or don’t become conscious that someone will get to read the stuff and laugh. Just, have an overview of what you have been through all the day, what incident made you sad and happy. What were the things you wanted to do but couldn’t? Such activity will make you do a coordinated and facts backed analysis- and you will inevitably become more intelligent.

Practice Yoga

The word yoga has become too mainstream that it has probably begun irritating you now. But, it is not useless and overrated. Yoga steps not only help in losing but they also aid in detoxification of mind. Many times, you are not able to come up with a quick response to some situation due to your inner tumult. A daily 10-15 minutes of yoga routine helps you keep calm and stay focused. Hence, your brain thinks quickly after all the blockades of useless thoughts get removed.

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