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These 90s Cartoon Shows Will Take You to the Past

Today, Cartoons are a way to indulge people in comprehending the symbolic meaning of reality through animated characters. But of course, the 90s cartoon shows were more into making children happy with their stories. These cartoons are used to ignite excitement among innocent hearts. The most interesting thing about those shows was their emotional connection with the children. They used to feel what the characters felt and they were conditioned to support the good guy and despise the bad guy in any show. This was the influence that 90s cartoons used to have on kids.

The concept of cartoons started in the middle ages. Paintings, sketches, and art originated the notion of animated characters in the 19th century. Firstly, they appeared in magazines and newspapers; although, the actual depiction took place in the early 20th century when the animated film began their tenure.  

Many of the grown-ups would remember how they used to sit in front of their TV placed in their living room, to watch their favorite cartoons with snacks. As per plenty of people, the cartoon shows in the 90s were a part of their daily schedule, as they could not miss a single episode of their favorite show.

One of the popular 90s cartoon shows: Courage The Cowardly Dog

Courage the cowardly Dog was based on an anthropomorphic Dog living with an old couple. The best part of the show was its genre. It is a horror cartoon series with an element of comedy in it. The poor dog could sense danger ironically. It had an urge to save the family from the paranormal and supernatural beings. Funny how it sounds, the dog had a computer, which helped it solve the mysteries regarding the monsters.

The show was first broadcasted on February 18, 1996, and premiered on November 12, 1999. It ended on November 22, 2002. Courage the cowardly dog had only four seasons with 52 episodes each.

The famous show was scary for the kids, it tended to give children a good scare sometimes.

Dexter’s Laboratory

The grown-up adults who enjoyed the 90s cartoon shows would understand how they used to sit in their rooms and act like Dexter. They can also relate to the fact that they even wanted to have a giant lab with all the scientific equipment beneath their room.

Dexter’s Laboratory was an epic piece of animated-scientific cartoon series. It was about a family, which comprised of parents and their children named Dexter and Dee Dee. Dexter was a genius who had an immense laboratory and his parents had no clue about it. However, his sister Dee Dee was a torturous human being who wouldn’t leave his brother alone and always got him in trouble. The show was a combination of action, comedy, and suspense. Its first episode aired on February 26, 1995, and it entertained the fans till November 20, 2003.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The people who have been blessed with the era of the 90s, know the craze of Ninja turtles, one of the mosr known of 90s cartoons shows. Many used to fight their pillows as the turtles had taught them. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was about four turtles who knew karate. They fought crime and ate pizza, which somehow attracted a lot of children towards the show. The show was full of fun, drama, and action. It even inspired directors to make movies and series on it. The latest movie was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: out of the shadows. 

All the inspired movies and sequels aside, the original popular ninja turtles first appeared in 1987. The TV cartoon series stayed active on television from October 1, 1987, till November 2, 1996.

SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron

90s cartoon shows include another good tv series by the name SWAT Kats. As the name suggests, the show was based on two fighter cats, who had the talent to save the world from destruction. They had all the gadgets including fighter jets and weapons to use against the bad people. The police also took help from the cats in the time of need. The show was a masterpiece in terms of action and thrill.

Unfortunately, SWAT Kats ran on TV from 1993-1994. The tenure wasn’t that long but it surely made kids happy.

Codename Kids next door

Kids next door was an amazing cartoon series with a unique concept especially made for children with an interest in spying. Five 10-year-olds kids had their treehouse hidden from the adults. They had high-end technology to use against the adults for spying. They had given each other names like 1-5 numbers. Most KND fans would remember how they use to take water-guns to act like these five kids. Codename: kids next door began to entertain children in 1998 and ended in 2008.


Children watch all sorts of movies now, as there are many fantastic movies to watch. Although, in 90, they had some amazing cartoon shows to rely on.

The very popular show Scooby-doo where are you from the 2000s was originated from the 1998 series a pub named Scooby-doo. The show revolved around the same team of Scooby do where are you; however, they were little and the show was mostly about the dog Scooby-doo. The team had to fight the supernatural beings, which ironically weren’t supernatural at all. The Scooby team had four other members.

The show was full of adventures and thrill. The people who loved the 90s cartoon shows would still remember the well-known character Shaggy from the show. He was Scooby’s best friend and the most afraid one out of all the members. This group of five solved mysteries and had a mystery van which was also very famous that people copied it and modified their vehicle just like that van.
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