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Aamir Liaquat Nude Video Shows Him Doing Drugs

Controversial TV host and former member of Pakistan’s National Assembly, Aamir Liaquat, is again in the limelight due to his questionable video making rounds on social media. The former minister can be seen fully nude in the video with cocaine. It is not clear who leaked the videos, but they are being spread like wildfire on social media. Many have responded to the video in different manners. Some are furious at Liaquat, while others are not much surprised as Liaquat thrives in controversy. On the other hand, many have condemned the video, calling it disgusting and shouldn’t be made as the public is aware of what kind of jerk Liaquat truly is.

Social Media Disgusted by Aamir Liaquat Leaked Video

While many were forced to say “ewww” a large part of social media had a lot of fun with the Aamir Liaquat nude video. They enjoyed making fun of him and his out-of-shape body. Some also made fun of his particular body part, which was slightly visible while moving in and out of the toilet in one video. As multiple videos have been going viral, here’s one compilation that includes all. It also has the one where drugs and alcohol can be seen all over the bedroom while Liaquat was not present. In one part, Dania Shah can be heard saying that it was morning time while Liaquat seemed to be naked and high on cocaine. Videos cannot be shared here due to the nature of their content.

Publicity Stunt to Stay Relevant

Aamir Liaquat nude video might be good only for trolling him, but some also wondered if it was all planned. As the host is known for pulling weird stunts in his shows for publicity, it is not surprising to see his act in viral videos. Some social media users argued that Liaquat was probably enjoying cheap attention while the public wasted time and energy on foolish stuff.

Why is it Viral in the First Place?

The host and his 3rd wife, Syeda Dania Shah, are on the verge of divorce after shocking details about their bizarre marriage went public. She accused him of abusing her mentally, physically, and sexually. Shah alleged that he was a heavy drug user, which can also be seen in the recent viral videos. Shah also claimed that Liaquat threatened to shoot her and terrorised her family. She has approached the court for divorce after 3 months of marriage.

Some also questioned that no matter how filthy Aamir Liaquat was, sharing such a video with others was not ethical. It was disgusting to watch him like this and unacceptable to a particular part of society. They urged the public to break the chain of sharing this awful video.

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