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Interesting Alice in Borderland Facts and Resemblance to Popular Movie

The new Alice in borderland series by Netflix is full of action. The trailer is giving out all the essential details regarding the show’s significant aspects. It is describing how the show will unfold its chapters, reveal more characters, and throw thrilling adventures at the audience. Although, the trailer also reveals that some of the aspects of its idea are similar to a few popular movies 

Origin of Alice in Borderland

The upcoming show is a Japanese fictional series that is going to be premiered on the popular streaming platform Netflix. Alice in borderland is a live-action series, which is originated from a magazine Shōnen Sunday S serialized by a Japanese publisher: Shogakukan inc.

The admirers enjoyed the story, as it previously entertained them in the form of written discourse. It stayed as the charm for the magazine from November 2010 till March 2015. This might be the alleged reason for the series to take the form of visual entertainment. 

Release Date and Plot Description

Netflix is about to give its viewers a new Japanese live-action, adventurous, and thriller series. The forthcoming show is going to be a part of the Netflix series-section on December 10th, 2020. 

Many action and adventure movies, for instance, John wick 3 Parabellum, resident evil, and plenty others give an idea of an imaginable scenario: it includes the process of mundane experiencing hardships and gaining victory by the movie’s end. However, a person might need to reach the lengths of his/her imagination to comprehend the notion of one being transported into an empty world to face unexplainable challenges. As per the trailer, the story of Alice in borderland reveals a similar concept.

According to the trailer, the plot of the show includes three high school friends, who have nothing much to entertain themselves with. They are bored and annoyed with their stereotypical lives and daily routine. One of the boys wishes to be in some other universe or world that could give him some fun and adventure. Ironic for the other two, his hypothetical concept turns into reality.

The three of them get transported to a post-apocalyptic land. It seems like a parallel world but with an unbelievable surprise for the boys. They experience that the unknown world is empty and they have nowhere else to go. They start to wonder how to escape it. The teenagers find out that they have to play games, unlike anything they could fathom, in order to survive the place. The games are not just ordinary, fun, and exciting ones but quite opposite of what we call amusing. The three chosen ones meet a girl, who guides them regarding the games and the rules that they have to follow. Apparently, the place is a setup for the forcefully invited players. The master of the parallel empty world is a mysterious entity who is controlling the boys.  

The Resemblance with Other Ways  

Movies like The mummy 4, scorpion King, the fallen kingdom, etc. have always attracted movie lovers, who are fond of watching adventurous shows. Similarly, a good number of series that have some crisp of thrill, have always entertained the audience. Alice in Borderland might have what it takes to be a good tv show. 

Popular Movies with Similar Concepts

Jumanji the next level, is one of the movies full of excitement and escapades. Its concept is nearly similar to the forthcoming Japanese Netflix movie. The reason is that Alice in Borderland is based on the notion of sending players into a new world through a board game. In that world, they have to play games and face numerous challenges to survive in the unknown land. 

SAW is a movie with a super chilling idea of torturing characters in the movie. The idea is similar because Alice in the borderland and SAW include masterminds who are controlling and forcing people into playing games. The only difference is that Jigsaw, the villain in SAW, is all about killing those people and they can’t survive.  

Such movies with an idea of providing chills and thrill to the audience are an illustration of the broader and imaginative minds of the makers of such films and series. They give people a perception of how dark a person’s imagination could be. 

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