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Brits are Annoyed with Get Ready For Brexit Ads

In an attempt to prepare the British people for leaving the EU (European Union), the British government has funded a get ready for Brexit campaign; and the Brits don’t seem to like the idea. They have taken to social media to express their anger over the matter.

Get Ready For Brexit?

Brexit the exit of England from the European Union is one of the major events of the twenty-first century. Its impact is likely to influence the socio-economic scene of the world in diverse manners. Britain’s decision to leave the EU has been met with mixed views from within the UK itself and form the EU.

A get ready for Brexit campaign is not receiving a good response from the British people. Many of the essential lifesaving drugs that are sold in the UK come from the EU. People have been lining up in pharmacy’s to stock up on these lifesaving drugs as there is no telling when the next shipment of these drugs will arrive.

More Taxes On Goods Exported To The EU

A majority of British products are sold in the EU. Exiting the EU without negotiation, or a proper trade deal means that British goods will be subjected to greater tariffs hence reducing the manufacturers profit and increasing the manufacturing cost.

What’s So Amusing?

It seems some people don’t realize the gravity of the situation. They have taken the government campaign and have turned it into something amusing.

There’s no telling how Brexit will affect the educational future of the students. The British government in a message posted on its website has requested British citizens studying in the EU to contact their respective universities and ask them if they can continue studying there.

One of the major places where Britain may face backlash over is the recruitment or the ability to retain the skilled labor class. Britain already faces a massive brain drain as a majority of the skilled labor it trains leaves the country to work abroad on higher pay and better facilities.

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