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Brexit Ireland- How Border is major issue in Brexit deal

Brexit Ireland is one of the most talked about terms regarding UK’s separation from EU (European Union) which is all set to take place on March 20, 2019.

The word Brexit simply meant exit of British from European Union when 51.9% British people voted to leave EU on June 23, 2016. Well, the process is not such simple for there is no exit strategy. The deal agreed by Prime Minister Theresa May and EU leaders on this matter might not have been problematic if it didn’t include Backstop Provision on Irish border. In fact, it is the UK’s urge to avoid a hard Irish border while separating itself completely from influence of EU (European Union) which is making the prospects of a no-deal Brexit more brighter.

What Is This Brexit Ireland Issue?

Let’s have a look at what is this Brexit Ireland connection and why it is making the situation more uncertain in UK. Republic of the Ireland shares its only land border with Northern Ireland which is a part of the UK. After UK exits from EU, Republic of Ireland will remain part of European Union. At present when UK is still part of EU there are no custom restrictions and goods are passed unchecked. Things will not remain the same after Brexit. So, UK from the first day of negotiations has wanted to avoid hard border with Ireland.

In Brexit deal agreed with EU by Theresa May there is a backstop provision according to which there will be an open border between EU and UK if the exit happens without any deal. In other words this mean that border between Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland will fall under the EU jurisdiction and practically there will be no Brexit.

An Issue that Made Theresa May Face No-Confidence

Brexit Ireland connection is indeed complex one. UK wants to avoid a hard border so that both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland don’t need to fall under separate jurisdictions. But, at the same times it has to look for a way out of European Union so that goal of Brexit is achieved. And, this is the reason why Theresa May faced a vote of no-confidence after controversial deal that never seems to materialise.

Aftermaths of No Deal Brexit

Brexit Ireland connection also implies that a no-deal Brexit that will indeed make conditions bad for EU and UK citizens, will make conditions worst for UK citizens living in Ireland. In fact, it will impact each and every segment leading to disruption of UK and EU’s economy. Recently, media raised the issue of how a no-deal Brexit will make the driving licenses of UK citizens living in Ireland, obsolete. And, this is not the all; there are several other fields of life where people will suffer.

People are worried how life will turn out in the morning of March 21, after the wake up in a new era of laws and jurisdiction; while political leadership is equally perplexed.

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