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It Seems that Brexit Has Become A Mission Impossible

The passion and unity with which the British people decided to leave the EU are slowly and steadily losing its momentum. For many, it has reached a point where further negotiations and discussion of further terms and conditions is not possible anymore.

The Dilemma that Makes Brexit Mission Impossible

The frustration over this one of the most difficult chapters of the British history is evident from the fact that it is on verge of sending second Prime Minister home. The task of finalizing a deal with the EU (European Union) in a way that it satisfies the concerns of Brits while maintaining cordial relation between both the nations is a mammoth challenge.

As a result of no viable deal, the EU has offered Britain a delay period of 6 months to a year so that Britain can decide whether It wanst to remain a member of the EU or comes with a deal acceptable by both EU and its people.

Till now the north Ireland border is one of the major problems turning Brexit into a mission impossible. The UK doesn’t want that Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland run under the separate jurisdictions. At the same times, an attempt to keep both nations unified comes over the cost of Brexit’s true essence or practically makes it impossible.

Theresa May’s Resignation Offer

UK Prime Minister Theresa May who has already survived no-confidence vote over her deal has announced to resign if her withdrawal agreement gets accepted. Well, this too has failed to gain any support as there is continuous abstinence from MPs which is further making Brexit Mission Impossible.

 What Do Brits Actually Want?

Regardless of whatever the situation is the ultimate decision lies in the hands of the general public if a mass majority agrees to what they are doing then they can only proceed. The general public are have split views on this intention on this deal and even on separation from the EU.

Those in favor argue that by staying a member of the EU they can conduct their business freely with no extra tariffs and above all, it allows them visa free entries into EU countries allowing some British citizens to explore more working opportunities.

While opponents say that by leaving the EU on decent terms will allow their citizens to grow more internally which is better for the economy and also it will be a step towards keeping the national integrity distinct.

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