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Is AP Dhillon Coming to Pakistan or Not? Here is the Truth

The widely known singer AP Dhillon was highly expected to come to Pakistan and perform in different cities due to rumours about his shows in the country. The fans were excited, and many people on social media posted how they would attend the concerts. However, the excitement went down the drain when the star confirmed that he would not visit Pak and the news was fake.

AP Dhillon Rubbishes All the Reports

Recently, AP Dhillon posted on his Instagram story about the fake reports of his arrival in Pakistan. He mentioned that all the news regarding his concerts in Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore are nothing but rumours, and neither he nor his team confirmed it. The “Brown Munde” singer also tried to make people aware of the scammers using his name to allegedly commit fraud. The Insta-story revealed that AP would not perform in countries other than the UK and India in February. In addition, he mentioned that the public should not trust anyone other than his crew in order to get information about his shows. Lastly, the artist warned people about the scammers. 

Heart Broken Fans

Ever since many Pakistani people who enjoy Punjabi pop songs came to know about the arrival of AP Dhillon in Pakistan, they became super excited. They even started inquiring about the passes for the concerts. An Instagram user, Junaid Ali, had spread the information that he was having table talks with the government to organize the concerts and shows of the celebrity in the country. 

But the excitement burned into ashes since the star himself broke the news that he’s not going to entertain his Pakistani fans by performing live in the country. Other than that, some people are still in denial as they claim that all those who have believed that Dhillon will not come shall be surprised when the artist will make an appearance after fixing the dates and venues.

Memes Poping Up

Where many people are wondering what really happened with their expectations about seeing AP Dhillon performing right before their eyes, memers took the liberty to entertain social media users with puns on the occasion. They targeted the ones having no clue who the celebrity was.

Other than that, people are trolling each other on the platforms for getting all pumped over fake news.

Global Stars Expected to Visit Pakistan

This is not the first time Pakistanis have become excited for a global star to entertain his admirers. The citizens have been eager to call their favourite international celebrities to visit the country and make their dreams come true. Other than expecting AP Dhillon to tour Pak, previously fans asked K-Pop Band BTS to tour Pakistan in December 2019. People requested PM Imran Khan to invite the band for the PSL opening ceremony. As per many social media users, Pakistanis are talented people and thus admire global talent. They are always willing to invite and welcome the ones with the potential to amuse the citizens.

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