Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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Apple to Help Users Make Covert 911 Calls

Apple is given the patent to a covert 911 calls functionality. The company wants its smartphone users to be able to call emergency services using covert 911 call. The aim is to make sure the attacker does not know if a user is attempting to make such a call.

Fingerprint Technology for Covert 911 Calls

The company now has a patent which would detect fingerprint to help a user make a covert 911 call. The advancement in technology will let the software analyze different factors relating to the fingerprint for making the cover 911 call. The software will analyze the level of force applied, use of a swiping or pinching gesture, and the taps onto the screen during the call if any.

Panic Command Activation

Once the fingerprint can send a distressed signal to the emergency services, it will also give the user’s location. The user will also be able to stream live video or audio. This system may also help activate other types of mobile commands.

Furthermore, the patent argues that many of the existing phones do provide emergency call options with a locked screen. Once the user makes a covert 911 call, they will be watched by someone else. Also, this new technology, accordingly to the patent, will let a user comply with the commands of an attacker. While the attacker may be asking a user to unlock the phone, the user may be able to secretly film the attacker.

Will We See Covert 911 Call Function in Future iPhones?

It is hard to say future iPhone models will have the covert 911 call service. The technology has not yet become available to any of the phones. No other companies are patenting this particular type of technology yet. The patent also has a mention about headphone jacks. However, Apple does not offer headphone jacks anymore.

The company applied for the patent back in 2013. It suggests that Apple was looking to get a patent for its earlier model of iPhones. Similarly, the new tech rumors suggest new phones may be relying on facial recognition.

Apple may not consider using this technology for its future iPhone models. However, this technology will help improve the new products that it is going to offer. For example, SOS feature in Apple Watch provides better emergency calling. There is a demand for the emergency calling function.  We have seen Apple always amazing the tech world with its innovations. Let us hope this covert 911 calls feature helps save people’s lives.

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