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Apple Killing Slow Apps for Better User Experience

User experience is the holy grail of mobile app developers. UI and UX count a great deal in making the experience smooth. Now, in consider to above all, Apple killing slow apps to improve on that issue.

Why Apple Killing Slow Apps?

Apple killing slow apps to help improve the overall mobile user experience. The number of iOS mobile applications likely to get killed ranges from 185,000 to just above 200,000. This update of Apple will probably withdraw support for the 32-bit support.

The number of mobile apps likely to get deleted represents around 8% of the total applications. However, this is an estimate, and the number of applications about to get obsolete may be more regarding percentage.

One major reason Apple killing slow apps is that the iOS has moved a great deal regarding the software. Similarly, hardware specifications have significantly improved over the period.

Shift from 32 Bit to 64 Bit

Apple shifting 32 to 64 gbApple’s first phone to have 64-bit was iPhone 5. However, in February 2015, Apple made it mandatory for the new mobile applications to offer 64-bit support. Apple had asked mobile application developers comply with the new 64-bit requirements by June 2015.

As soon as Apple launched iOS 10.3 beta, the company added a timely warning message clearly saying that 32-bit apps will slow down your iPhone.

iOS 11 release is probably the right time for Apple to consider ending support for the 32-bit mobile applications.

Apple is planning to undo several mobile applications before the release of the newer iOS version. Many mobile application experts believe that Apple has already removed thousands of apps from its store because they were broken or outdated.

Some of the Changes Expected with iOS 10.3

There are several changes supposed to take place with the release of iOS 10.3. The new iOS 10.3 will have a new file system called APFS. Apple is also expected to add a feature called Find My Airpods app. Apple is also considering adding official Reviews API reducing the need for apps to need reviews.

Anyone connected to iPhone must realize that 32-bit applications belong to the older tech-era. The future belongs to the 64-bit mobile applications. Apple is not going to support development in the 32-bit. Therefore, if you are a mobile application developer creating iOS apps or a user, you need to get rid of the 32-bit mobile app on the iOS. Otherwise, your mobile app is going to get deleted.

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