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New Google Messenger App Comes Emoji Loaded

Google is in workings on a new mobile application. The new Google Messenger App is an innovative application in the audio arena.

The new app called Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger follows up another video-watching app known as Uptime for iOS.

New Google Messenger App Speaks with Photos

The new Google messenger app has a new take on the messages. Instead of just sending text, it converts some of the words into pictures, making it more interesting to read. A novel idea, never tried before to make texts appear as images.

It Is Not Slow

The best thing about the app is a lightning fast response. It is extremely accurate and correctly describes whatever the users want to communicate. The app works even when you are voice chatting with your friend. You do not need to wait for your friend to finish their conversation so you could send the emojis.

Covers Middle Ground

The best thing about the new Google messenger app is finding the middle ground between text-only and audio-only messaging. You can simultaneously listen to the message while getting the emojis.

The Helping Bot

The new Google messenger app also features a Supersonic Help Bot. This bot answers your questions and replies in its voice and sends emojis. The lounge area in the app helps you discover new Supersonic users.

The Area 120 Behind the App

Google has created a startup incubator called Area 120. Area 120 allows the employee to work on the approved projects. Uptime was the last project rolling off Area 120. The Uptime mobile application helps you meet new people; you can share YouTube videos, stickers, and other fun stuff.

Why did Google need to work on new messenger app?

The competitors of live chat have improved significantly. Mobile applications like WhatsApp and Viber offer such a rich chatting experience to the users. However, Google and many others were struggling to make the chat more interesting.

The new Google Messenger app will undoubtedly improve the chatting experience. The new experimentation app will take time for people to get used to it. However, this new chatting app makes the whole experience a lot more enjoyable.

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