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Let’s Put An End To This Area 51 Problem Once and For All

Area 51 is one of the most guarded places on this Earth. Over the years, rumors have come forth, suggesting that the place is home to some of the most advanced beings that are not from this world. Well according to some opinions this mysterious area is nothing more than an advanced research center where top-secret experiments are conducted.

Area 51 won’t be a secret for long

Over the years reports of people seeing flashing lights or weird unworldly looking objects taking off and landing have spiked the interest of the public greatly. Some have become so obsessed with Area 51 that they have even tried to enter the facility but have failed. More than 300,000 people have signed a pledge participate in a raid on secrete base to put an end to all the mysteries surrounding it finally.

How Will They React

Well people are already making memes on how those supposed aliens present in this land will react when the curious human beings will raid their facility.


The terrain on which the base is made is very unique and not to mention vast, so this makes it easy for the security forces to control. People quite often get lost and wind up getting caught or arrested. So according to one Twitter user, if the security forces try to arrest him, he’s going to do this

How Do We Communicate With Each Other 

For a long time, it’s been rumored that the alien captives are experimented on by the government. So even if the people manage to free the alien captives, how will they communicate with them to find out what happened. So, they have been practicing communicating with those aliens just in case they come across them.

While others after rescuing the aliens plan to make, the first pop dance crew comprising of both aliens and humans; like they have seriously entertaining plans ahead.


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