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Ayesha Omer Gets Trolled for Wearing a Unique Face Mask

People had a fun day at the expense of Ayesha Omer who tried to appreciate medical professionals in her own stylish way. She is one of Pakistan’s most famous and highest-paid actresses of Pakistan. Multi-talented actress is also a singer, model, painter, and a style icon.

This time her style failed to amaze the majority of people. Omar was seen promoting an exquisite bridal suit with a designer face mask.

The mask makeup trend has seen many advancements during the COVID-19 outbreak. Even major fashion brands like Louis Vuitton are producing their own line of designer masks. Ayesha also went for one to match with her suit. However, instead of flirtatious comments on such a glamorous picture, people attacked Omar with plenty of critical remarks.

People Think Ayesha Omar Has Also Lost It

Many celebrities have done some things during the pandemic which were outrageous, silly, or simply unnecessary. Their actions have somehow mocked or ignored the gravity of this pandemic. Just like Priyanka Chopra when she said that Namaste is the best form of staying safe from coronavirus.

Well what Ayehsa Omer didn’t doesn’t really seem something utrageous. The reason is that wearing masks has become an essential and people will have to live with lifestyle for months or years to come.

Some Were Wishing To Unsee What They Saw

This picture can trigger everyone in different ways. This Tom and Jerry meme shows that this user is angry from the religious point of view. A little bit of female skin can cause massive outrage in Pakistani societies.

Can It Be An Economical Decision?

One user doesn’t get what the fuss is about. He thinks it’s nothing as she has only ripped the cloth from the back area and used it as a mask. 

Or Maybe She’s Working Out

Workout is a key part of celebrity life so people thought maybe Ayesha Omar is trying to show off her abs.

Doctor’s Opinion on Designer Masks

These designer face masks are growing exponentially among the elite class of Pakistan. This angry fan meme shows what doctors think about it.

Considering the irrelevant value of designer masks, one can perfectly follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with a clinical mask.

Actual Reason For This Fashion

People said Ayesha Omar is looking so uncool that coronavirus would flee due to embarrassment.

Not Even A Protective Mask

It was nice to remind her that she’s not totally safe while wearing that mask during fashion photo shoots. According to research, surgical and cloth masks are not highly effective against COVID-19. People must apply the habit of using coronavirus protection masks till the spread is stopped.

Well, the model might not have wore this just to look cool. As the pandemic is spreading there is a greater need to wear mask. Therefore, models who are influencers must come forward to play ther role and educate the masses.

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