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How Coronavirus Protective Mask differs from a General Face Mask

World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a global health emergency after the Coronavirus epidemic broke out in China. Coronavirus has made face mask industry run out of stocks since masks are in huge demand for their shielding effect against harmful particles. Given how contagious is the virus a coronavirus protective mask has to be more efficient than an ordinary surgical mask.

 According to the latest media reports, coronavirus which can spread through air and touch has claimed almost 2800 deaths worldwide ever since the outbreak. Unfortunately, a normal surgical face mask is highly ineffective against the virus infection. The contagious infection tears right through the normal surgical mask. However, a specialized coronavirus protective mask which is more preventive than an ordinary mask can serve the purpose well.

How Does A Coronavirus Protective Mask Looks Like?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has also not recommended wearing surgical face masks as they fail to perform the required action during the virus outbreak. To truly keep safe from catching the virus, people at least need to equip themselves with an upgraded mask with multiple layers. A specialized coronavirus protective mask can greatly decrease the chances of infection. Furthermore, it proves to be more hygienic and functional than a regular surgical mask that may have limited functions.

How does Specialized Mask Work?

All of us earthlings are perfectly aware of the environmental crises that our precious planet is going through. An infinite number of germs, dust particles, viruses, and other harmful particles which are usually not filterable surround our Earth. A specially designed mask with soft cushion and layers can not only filter all the harmful particles but also aids in comfortable breathing.

Advanced mask is in fact environment-friendly sponge which is waterproof and windproof. There are five layers of filters on this mask that prolong its life cycle to eight days, whereas a normal face mask can function for two days at max. It consists of a dual filter valve that allows breathing of clean air by filtering at least 94% of the corrupt molecules in the air when closed. The valve opens to emit carbon dioxide and moisture, which allows easier breathing through a five-layered face mask.

Advantages of Coronavirus Protective Mask

The advantages of a specialized coronavirus protective mask are not limited to offering a cure against the epidemic but they also include protection against air pollution. Such a mask despite being multi-layered is light in weight and comfortable to wear. Further, one can use it also during tough physical exercise.

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