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Worst Delhi Riots Make World Question Human Rights Violations in India

US President Donald Trump’s first visit to India gets overshadowed because of the Delhi riots. Disturbance arose a few hours before the arrival of Donald Trump after clashes broke out between anti-CAA protestors and extremists. According to the latest media reports, 13 people have been killed including head constable as a result of two-days long communal violence.

Delhi riots are such worst that they are reminding people about Gujarat massacre of 2002 that too had taken place under the supervision of Modi who was then Chief Minister of the state.  

What Sparked Recent Delhi Riots?

The violence started a day after the BJP leader Kapil Mishra advised anti-CAA strikers to end their peaceful protest in northeastern areas of the Indian capital.

The very nature of CAA and the government’s attitude towards anti-CAA protestors had debunked myth about the so-called secular India.

The recent Delhi riots began after hundreds of Muslims (anti-CAA protesters), mostly women, blocked the road on Sunday. The women carried their national flag and raised slogans of ‘Azadi’. According to media reports, protesters’ vowed that they would not move from the site until the Government withdraws the CAA.

Not A Good Time to be Muslim in So-Called Secular India

Clashes didn’t remain limited to the site of protest. Extremists and custodians of Hindutva also attacked Muslims in other areas.

 They set a mosque on fire. Police are also accused of helping Hindu mobs who are targeting Muslims and their properties. Earlier Delhi Police Faced severe criticsm for attacking Jamia Milia and AMU to curb the dissent from students.

As if the memory of Gujarat riots was not enough, some scenes of Muslims leaving their homes with luggage emerged making people recall the horrors of partition.

Muslims in Delhi are leaving the city, some are already leaving for fear of riots spreading across Delhi. The event is enough to prove how similar is Modi’s India with Hitler’s Germany.

Right under the nose of Delhi’s police riots continued.

Chief Minister Calls for Curfew in Violence Hit Areas

According to media, Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal called on the federal government to bring back law and order. He appealed to maintain peace after an urgent meeting in the capital. Chief Minister of Delhi said the army should be called in and a curfew should be imposed in the affected areas of the capital to control the violence.

Tensions remained high in northeast Delhi on Tuesday; in many parts, the police have been order to shoot at sight. Delhi police enforced a restriction on large gatherings in northeast Delhi and fired tear gas to disperse the protesters.

Human Rights Activist Raise their Concern on Delhi Situation

Delhi riots have caused concern among human rights activists and civil society across the world. Global rights group Amnesty International tweeted that “political leaders in India who are fuelling hatred and creating a violent environment by making hate speeches must be immediately held accountable”.

Law Professor and Author Khaled Beydoun expressed his concerns about the safety of Muslims’ life in India.

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