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Priyanka Chopra’s Coronavirus Prevention Strategy Goes Left

Priyanka Chopra has a tendency of making fans cringe at her lifestyle. Recently, her attempt to introduce a new coronavirus prevention strategy backfired. Her tweet involved multiple pictures of her in a ‘namaste’ stance which is a cultural greeting method in India.

Chopra may have wanted people to feel safe but the tweet lacked so much creativity that it became cringe worthy.

Deranged is a perfect word to describe this action because this seems like attention seeking strategy rather than coronavirus prevention strategy.

A Coronavirus Prevention Strategy or Jus A Way to Upload Her Old Pictures?

Fears of the disease is increasing day by day which is why Chopra’s tweet attracted negative reaction from the masses.

Chopra might think that people will feel better by looking at her pictures as she is able to have that effect on some straight men. But, what about straight women? They are plainly disgusted and embarrassed due to Chopra’s tweet related to the pandemic.

Chopra does not seem fazed by these trolls as she has accomplished everything there is for her in this business. She has won the Miss World 2000, starred in both Bollywood and Hollywood movies, Her Net worth is 50 Million USD, and she married a young singer and made to the list for most iconic couples with huge age gap. Probably it has not always been her professional life but also personal life events that have given her chance to be a talk of town.

Out of everything that she has done in the recent past, this might be the most cringworthy thing to come from Priyanka so far.

People dragging religious and political differences in the argument

Most trolls on Priyanka’s tweet are from Pakistan so a keyboard warfare where religion is dragged unnecessarily was imminent.

The problem with attention seeking is that the celebrity sometimes forget which gimmick they need to pull at the right time. According to this user, Chopra is supporting double standards while on TV she is showing that her life is an open book.

Apart from religious debate there were some political controversy as well

Political controversy will go on till the end of time but right now Priyanka is being just called out for her cringe behavior once again.

There are not only Pakistanis who are trolling Priyanka but rest of the world also does not like Chopra’s coronavirus prevention strategy.

What should public figures learn from this incident?

Before Priyanka lets more people make a joke out her, she should follow one the suggestions on her tweet.

After watching this serious fan outrage on social media, all celebrities will try to hold back their mischievous emotions in this global health crises. People do not want another coronavirus prevention strategy that mocks the disease or its carriers. The actress might have intended to tell folks how handshaking can help promote the contagious disease but her video seems more like being an ambassador to India’s culture. If that is so then she should have also talked about how social isolaton in Kashmir due to revocation of article 370 and imposed currfew is also so relatable to situation.

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