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Fashion Brands Boycott Kangana Ranaut Following Twitter Suspension

After Twitter suspended Kangana Ranaut’s account, Fashion brands have also started to stop working with her. Twitter cited hateful conduct and abusive behavior as the reason for this suspension. Indian social media users celebrated with memes when they heard this news. Now their entertainment has reached the next level because even brands are coming forward to boycott Kangana Ranaut. 

Although there were many inappropriate tweets from Kangana her latest rant on West Bengal elections got her suspended. Reportedly, her tweets included a strong desire for someone’s death and an intention to cause serious bodily harm to another person.

Fashion Designers Boycott Kangana Ranaut for Hate Speech 

The film star has been highly problematic on social media mainly involved in a verbal clash over controversial topics. The majority despised her for siding with the Indian government after it has brought the entire country to its knees. Her spat with Diljit Dosanjh specifically made people see what Kangana actually stood for while farmers were fighting for their lives.

It took a long but brands have finally seen the reason to dissociate themselves from her. Indian designer Anand Bhushan announced that he has removed all images from social media that involved Kangana. He assured everyone that his company would never work with her again in any capacity.

He posted the message on twitter by claiming that it was a right decision to boycott Kangana Ranaut: 

Another designer Rimzim Dadu also posted a similar message on Instagram. Boycott Kangana Ranaut has been trending on social media periodically, ever since she used Sushant Singh Rajpoot’s death for clout.  

Kangana Ranaut Got Some Backup 

As usual, the actress stood her ground and denied taking criticism positively. Due to her account been suspended, her sister/manager/cheerleader, Rangoli Chandel carried forward the verbal assault. Even her sister’s account was suspended on Twitter, so she took to Instagram in an attempt to reverse the burning effect by boycott Kangana Ranaut trend.

The actress is fully active on other social media platforms like Facebook. It was also noted that when her sister’s account was suspended last year, Kangana became active on Twitter with a similar take on politics.

Both of them are also active on Instagram. Reportedly, they have sued the designer for cutting ties with her. She denied that she knew him and alleged that he was only using her name to get famous.

What’s Wrong with Kangana Ranaut? 

Kangana was starting to become a highly abusive figure, who was also captured in various accounts of harassment, racism, silencing marginalized voices, and endorsing mass violence against religions, especially Sikhs and Muslims, which are the main problem for the Indian Government as well. Many social media users have reported Kangana for spreading hate.

Social media users have also found an interesting relationship between Kangana and BJP-led Indian government. It seems that both entities support each other on several things. In tweets that got her banned, she was asking Prime Minister Modi to “tame” the opposition leader by taking a form he took in the early 2000s, making a reference to mass riots under his leadership that resulted in thousands of Muslims dead.

She routinely slams the critics of the Indian government who demand Modi’s resignation on social media and also defends its questionable decisions. She is often seen entangled in a spat with opposition. According to reports, on 15th September a BJP minister supported Kangana when her Mumbai office was demolished while Shiv Sena was in power in Maharashtra. BJP provided her Y-category security, which was a level 2 security comprising of 11 personnel including police and commandos.

Some Indians have been warning the others that this whole Kangana fiasco could just be a distraction from the criticism against BJP.  

Perhaps this is why more and more social media users have been urging to Boycott Kangana Ranaut on daily basis. 

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